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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Back And Have New Play Pretties!

Hoss is all better, and can even drive now! So off he went to a Cruise-In in Alabama today and drooled over some classic cars while I stayed home and drooled over my latest goodies. I haven't really been yard-saling except for a few here and there close to home, including the community yard sale a couple weeks ago. I always look forward to it every year, but this time I couldn't walk as far and didn't have as much money to throw away as I usually do. Let me try to remember what I've gotten since last time I posted....I'll start with the community yard sale. First of all, I bought a bright lime green and hot pink beach tote, lol! You gotta know that I always buy something to carry my purchases in as soon as possible; this year it was this mesh beach tote that still had price tags on it, and I got it for $1. After that,though, I didn't really find too many things I wanted except for some rhinestone jewelry. I paid $1 for this starburst brooch, and $1 for the pink rhinestone necklace. I bought 4 Liz Claiborne cotton knit tops, the same style in 4 different colors, for .50 each. Last weekend I bought 7 hardback books for .50 each, new titles, so awesome! I love to read to relax at night. And at the same yard sale I bought a jar of sequins, including some trims taken from old sweaters or maybe purses, very pretty! I also got 10 crocheted doilies for a dime each, and I'm hoping to decorate some denim jeans with those, or a denim purse....And on my way home, right down the road, I bought some earrings a lady had made from Swarovski crystals. something like 5 crystals on each earring, for .75 for the whole box of them. And .75 for a pair of new green crystal earrings she said were Avon. As I was leaving her yard sale I said "oh I only have one dollar left, I might as well spend it here".. (LOL!).. so she said "you can have this paper shredder for a dollar",huh?!! because A.) I didn't have one, and 2.) I needed one to make shredded hymnal pages for a future project :D Then this Friday I stopped at only one yard sale, even though there were 83 listed in the paper... and I bought a cute piece of blue on yellow toile fabric for a dime. I'm hoping to make slip covers for my white wicker set on the front porch...or, I don't know!! I bought some painting supplies, those really thick paint roller covers, 3/ 1.00, and 3 mens neckties for .50 each. I plan on making my granddaughter a skirt from the wide part of the ties, and a lamp shade cover out of the skinny ends. I still need about 8-10 more of those. Oh and I bought an older Playskool cobblers bench toy for .75, all the pieces are there :D

You can see I've dragged out an old tea set I was working on to mosaic. I got side-tracked and forgot about it, but I'm back to it again. I may need to repaint it, since I just tossed it in my "spare room" and it's gotten scratched. I'd spray painted it white, then mixed up some light sea foam green paint with a lot of water, and painted over all the nooks and crannies, so cute! but like I said, it's scratched now. I've been chopping off roses and other blooms from old jewelry boxes and other trinkets to glue to the tops of the tea service.

aren't they some awesome new play-pretties? I forgot to put the neckties in the photo, but you know what those look like, pretty much :D

Stupid privet has been blooming and making me sick. Isn't that the sweetest sickly smell ever??? Today I choked so bad while coughing, I couldn't breathe, and my grandson just turned his head to look at me, but he kept right on playing his Nintendo DS!! while I made a couple short little squawking sounds, and actually thought of my son while my eyes were about to pop out of my head. I was like, oh my God, is this what it was like when he died? was he clawing at someone while trying to take one more breath? I thought, oh I hope it was quick, please let it have been a quick death because this is just awful. But I got my breath back, and called HossFly and cried and then I had to go lay down for a while; I pulled a muscle or something in my side, and got the most awful headache...bleh..

Oh yeah, and guess what we saw the other day?? A blimp!! Going right over my house, lol! I was outside helping grandson #2 plant seeds in egg cartons and toilet paper tubes, when all of a sudden Mamie, the silly little dog, starts growling. I walk over to her, and I'm looking into the woods to see what SHE'S looking at( a pack of wild dogs? a pissed off buck? lol Mamie was growling at this thing in the sky.. ) when grandson#2 says "MEME!!!!! it's the GoodwillGoodBlimp!!" He was trying to say GoodYear Blimp....although this one actually said "DIRECTV" I took some photos, this is the best I could come up with...


CiNdEe said...

Wow you have been a busy girl! I am glad HossFly is feeling better!!! That is great news.
Garage sales are so fun!!!! You got a lot of great stuff!!!
As for the asthma attack... I have had that same experience so many times working outside. Not sure if it was the privit as I try to keep those pruned but it is a terrible feeling! I have to make it to the house to get my nebulizer going or I can't breathe. Then its bedtime after that. No fun! Sorry you had that experience!
We have had blimps fly over here at times too. That is how we found out my son could not see far away! Sad way to find out but he couldn't read what it said on the blimp! So he had to get glasses! Oh and he was in high school at the sad is that? No one ever knew he couldn't see and he said he never knew any different! Poor kid!
Well have a great day!!!!

Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Kudzu, I love all your yard sale stuff. I had a yard sale last weekend, Sat & Sun, what a lot of work that was! It was fun though and we got rid of alot of stuff, and made some money. Yard sales are just starting here. I work every Sat, so I don't get to go to very many, boo hoo. (It's probably a good thing.)

life said...

I've just came across to your blog.
Interesting blog!

Kudzu said...

thanks ya'll! I've been so exhausted lately, I think I'm gonna have to quit taking the new medication I started. I can't seem to stay awake!!
I'm going to get started on some kind of craft soon.....