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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mosaic Pretties-My Own Chop Shop!

lol...that made you look! I told you I had chopped up some trinket boxes and figurines, and here's a photo of a few. Some may need to be washed...I usually do that with some soapy water and an old toothbrush. Some of this stuff is gonna wind up on top of my next tea set, along with some old rhinestone and pearl jewelry. I even have another tea set to mosaic after this one, and haven't decided what color to do yet; although I did get some pretty dishes with blue roses and silver edging :D Look at that..notice I like magnolias and hummingbirds? Can you tell it's pretty hard to get the hummingbirds with the wings intact??? Good thing I have plenty of super glue!....

Does anyone like cheesy old horror movies? I gotta tell ya, last night I saw the cheesiest movie EVER!!! It's awesome and you GOTTA find a way to see it. I watched it on the Chiller Channel myself. I think it was some sort of Sunday School lesson but I can't quite be sure!! Something along the lines of "don't smoke marijuana or this could happen to YOU"......maybe?? So there's this guy who looks like Elvis (no, really!!!Elvis of the mutton chops and sunglasses and everything!!) and he rides a chopper in his neat faded jeans and matching denim shirt with the brown suede appliques. He stops to help the sweet, innocent Angel, who invites him back to the farm, where he meets her slutty sister Anna, who smokes DOPE!! Yes, she does, and she keeps it in this metal Band-Aid tin!! And she tempts the nice Elvis until he gives in and smokes DOPE with her ( now this is some Special Dope that she has to get him to take 6 Tokes of in order to get him Hooked On Drugs, and therefore hooked on Slutty Anna) Then there's a scene that shows them laughing hysterically after he gets the 6 Tokes in his System, and now he's in Love with Anna. Did I mention The Farm is a poultry farm?? Oh, well, it is! A Turkey Farm. Where they do testing on the turkeys....MARIJUANA testing! They ask Elvis (okay,okay his name isn't Elvis, it's Hershel!!) if he wants to make a few extra bucks in these experiments, and he agrees. Elvis/Hershel is given a Huge Roasted Turkey to eat in a Drug Test....this Turkey has been tainted with Marijuana!! and after the first taste, Elvis/Hershel is Hooked and eats the entire Turkey. BUT...the scientists didn't know Elvis/Hershel is a Drug Addict already,because he suffered injuries in 'Nam and had to be treated...treatment evidently branding him a Drug Addict For the Marijuana tainted Turkey appears to Kill Elvis/Hershel and he looks like he's stopped breathing, so the scientists have to dispose of the body. But guess what?? He's not Dead! But his head turns into a huge Turkey head!! This is what happens when you "OD" on Dope!! So now E/Hershel is off killing Dope Pushers and drinking their blood until Angel prays for him and his evil ways, and chops the head off a real turkey, which restores E/Hershel to Normal!! Amen!

Sigh* Awesome :D
oh, guess what came on after that?? Reefer Madness! I swear! hehe But, I've already seen that, and I was still looking around my bedroom for Candid Camera thinking OMG, is this real?? And then I was thinking why haven't I ever heard of this gem before??LOL

Once upon a time I used to wake my preteen youngin's up to watch Late Night television with me, where we discovered the likes of Toxic Avenger and Night of the Creeps on USA's Rhonda Shear Up All Night and TNT's JoeBob Brigg's MonsterVision...Back when we still made popcorn on top of the stove! Now, you probably think that's crazy, waking your kids up at 2:am to watch crap on tv, but it was fun times! My husband was gone playing music on weekends, and it was just me and the 2 kids. I'd lay out some quilts and pillows on the floor in front of the tv, then wake them up. Every now and then I didn't wake up and the kids would both get up on their own, or even just get up alone. Once my son woke me up and wanted me to get up and watch tv with him because he'd gotten scared of the movie he was watching. I forget the name, but it's a black and white oldie about a woman who makes a youth cream, something to do with wasps. hehe...the end of the movie scared him for some reason, and I think he was 13 years old at the time :D Now, my daughter laughed at her brother over this but her time came,too....she woke me up, also over a black and white movie, only the one that scared her, lolol!! I don't remember the name of this one either, but picture this....a 1950's black and white, set in the jungle, complete with tribesmen wearing necklaces made of sharp teeth and bones in their noses. Evidently with some voodoo,too,because they could turn men into trees. THIS is what frightened my 12 year old daughter...a man wearing a HUGE tree costume made of sponge, with the bark drawn on the sponge in a cartoon-y type swirl!!!(imagine one of those sponge foam number one hands you get at the ballgame!!) THIS scared her.....a little girl who could watch Jason and Freddie and Pinhead and LeatherFace.....gosh, we had fun!I remember a certain movie scared the crap out of me... When I was young I used to love to watch the horror movies that came on when I got home from school. There was a hosted show called Morgus The Magnificent(much like Elvira hosted the horror movies,too) and Morgus had a sidekick called Chopsley. Chopsley wore a hood since he was an executioner :D I never bothered to find out, but I guess Morgus was a local thing, coming out of New Orleans on WWL, Channel 4 I think. What did we get back then? 3 whole stations to watch? LOL...Anyway.....remember an old Vincent Price movie called The Tingler??? hehe......oh wow, that's the one! And it amounted to what? a lobster crawling around the screen??? I was terrified!


CiNdEe said...

You had a lot of fun with your kids growing up I see(-: I didn't get to watch horror movies when I was little except Wizard of Oz and that movie scared me for life!!!(-: I still have nightmares about those monkeys! If I was sick when I was a kid I could get up and watch t.v. with my dad. I always watched t.v. with my kids too when they were sick or just wanted to have extra late night fun time(-: We didn't watch scary movies though because then they would be to scared to go to sleep(-:
We only had 3 channels until about 12 years ago!!! We couldn't get cable where we live and finally we were able to get Direct T.V. Talk about late night movie nights! Geez what a whole new world then!!!
I don't think anyone slept for weeks!(-:
Now we rarely watch the satellite and are thinking of turning that service off. How funny is that! Trying to think of ways to save money(-:
Enjoy your evening(-:

Debbie said...

At the beginning I thought you might have been watchin a porn channel not scarey movie. This doesnt even sound like "B" movies, more like "Z" movies!!! Guess there was no one in them that went on to fame and fortune in the movie industry? LOL

I used to love Creature Features. This was back int the 70's. Funny how those hokey movies were so scarey. No gore, but scareier because of your own mind. much better than gore.

Kudzu said...

Hi Cindee!! I love to watch television :D and most times I can't sleep without it on. And I'm watching episodes or movies of something online on the computer while watching television! lololol

Debbie...don't you just LOVE it? hehe, those are the movies you try to remember :D Just the other day we were watching "Hocus Pocus" again,with Bette Midler..a Disney movie.. and Twin says "look what he went on to do"..meaning the teen boy turned into a cat...I said Oh I don't know who that is, and Twin says Yeah ya do, it's McGhee from,so sure enough I took a better look, and said hmmph, check out his accent!!

Jean Tuthill said...

I used to love to watch those cheesy movies on Sat or Sun in the winter, but not at night 'cause I get scared, too. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like candidates for what my son has often. Bad movie night. They select some together, not sure the process involved and then sit and watch as a group, talking during this is encouraged.
Has to be a bad movie or you wouldn't want to talk through it, I guess. In that movies case, maybe horrid would be the word?

A rootdigger said...

I too was scared by Wizard of oz. My sister in law wanted her kids to watch that. I never pushed it and not other 'scary' movies which they were not allowed to see. Who can figure that? and when I told her how scaryit is she just laughed at me.
I am so thrilled to see cindi comment as to the same thoughts.

ps. sister in law collects all wizaardof oz stuff. I guess cause it's american good person sentimentality kind of stuff.

Kudzu said...

My poor little grandson watches the really cheesy bad movies with us; the ones where you see the wires or the tubes that the fake blood squirts out of, or you spot one Victim come back in a different wig as another Victim...we like to watch and discuss,too, LOLOL..
But...every year when I start playing my favorite Christmas movies, he can only get to the part in NL's Christmas Vacation where Chevy Chase comes out of the garage wearing the hockey mask with a chain saw to trim the tree :D and he screams and cries!! Also, he's afraid of the tin man in Wizard of Oz...I was always afraid of the flying monkeys.