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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Still In The Hospital

Bleh....HossFly is still in the hospital. This time the doctor says it's to keep an eye on his kidneys because of the medications, the fluid loss, name it! So.......dirty word!! That would be "s" word in this case... but he should be home tomorrow.
Yesterday I took off for my nieces home where they were having a cookout. They boiled 80 lbs. of crawfish, with ears of corn and potatoes, but I don't really like crawfish. They also cooked some barbequed chicken and some ribs and hotdogs, and had all kinds of other goodies. There were 2 grills going and one pot. Oh yeah, and tried some chicken wings in the crab boil when the crawfish were done, to make hot wings with. I forgot to taste that....but I bet it was good! And birthday cakes for my great niece and great nephew. I brought lots of food home so guess what we had for breakfast!! Anyway, my grandson got to blow off a lot of energy with the other kids, so it was a good day. he's been sick, an upset tummy, but that didn't exactly slow him down any. Just filled my laundry basket up! Friday was the last day of school, and he passed Kindergarten. Now I'll get more time with my other two grandchildren,too :D


CiNdEe said...

Geez Hossfly is having a time of it! I hope he gets to come home tomorrow! I know its been stressful with all that worry. Glad your grandson passed Kindergarten(-: I bet you are going to have a great summer vacation!!!!

FlowerLady said...

May Hoss be home soon, and quickly regain his health.

Love and hugs to both of you,


Jean Tuthill said...

I'm sorry Hossfly is in the hospital again, I hope he gets out and comes home as planned. I wish him a speedy recovery. Happy that your grandson passed Kindergarten and I hope he enjoyed it. We are having a cookout tomorrow, Monday, family and a friend, ribs, potatoes, coleslaw, beans, with a pineapple upside down cake for dessert. Also, some Pina Coladas to go with it all. Yum!

misselaineous said...

Morning Cherry So sorry to hear Hossfly is back in the hospital. Hopefully they'll get all this stuff fixed, and he'll be back home ASAP!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you both today. *elaine*