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Monday, May 25, 2009

What Scares Me-Pack Rat Syndrome

Seriously-it does. *sigh* It's called "compulsive hoarding".
My mother was the worst. At least I thought she was. Not long ago I ran across this article and photographs and I changed my mind. Oh, and I also happened to just see a Cops episode where they were called to help this woman who fell. They could barely get inside her home. I couldn't watch it past the "hey,man, the floor is MOVING" part. There were dead cats and...skitters....(don't you dare ask me what skitters are!)
I've always understood that THAT could be me, and I always thought that THAT wasn't me. But it is. I'm a hoarder,too. It doesn't matter if I actually USE the crap I buy, I still buy tons of crap and it's still in boxes all over the house and under beds, and no I don't get credit because I buy yard sale crap or thrift shop crap. In the last few days I've pulled out some broken dishes and my nippers to get back to mosaic-ing a silver plated tea set. I realized I have a lot of stuff......and it's time for a yard sale! One of those "Clean House" yard sales where the stuff you decide to sell does NOT come back inside......OooOOOoooh Ms. Niecy, I wish I lived in the LA area!! LOL but that wouldn't work, my house needs to be finished first..and isn't that what started my collection of trash for my ideas of trash to treasure?? My art? My hoarding? My creativity? Dammit, all I need is a barn!! Storage for MY treasures....heh ..I better go back and look at those photos again.


Debbie said...

Wow, I can see how that website would scare the crap out of you!!! I've watched Clean House and they've had houses like that! I could see some things I'd buy at that yard sale!
That is just plain scarey.

Brenda said...

KK, being from the south, I know what a skitter is (I also know what a skitter hawk is but most people look at me funny when we say it). I don't think I am a hoarder but I sure have a lot of stuff I need to get rid of. It is just hard to throw anything away, I always think I can find a use for it but it just ends up being stored.
That site is too scarey!!

Jean Tuthill said...

I know what you mean....I've filled all my available space. I had a yard sale a few weeks ago and then I actually threw out about 50 or more magazines. Funny thing, I don't miss them at all. And I thought I could never live without them! haha

jo said...

yeah, i know, BUT don't you just love it when someone needs something and you got it and can supply it. [ If you can find it] You feel like such a heroine! and your surely going to need that someday and it won't cost you a cent. [ unless it's all moldy or encrusted from something.] any way never knew there was an exact name for this infliction. Which my mom and dad The kettles inflicted on me. Just kidding.

Kudzu said...

LOL ya'll.......

oh and what did I go and do??? Yard saling....Friday and Saturday!!! Ack!! I brought home more stuff!!!