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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Making Fairy Jars

I made some fairy jars a while back, now I'm putting together some little kits for the kids to make it easy and faster to create them.

Yesterday we painted glitter glue on the inside back of some jars and sprinkled stars on the wet glue. I bought that glitter glue at the thrift store for .50. The huge bag of dried moss was $3 at Michael's and I used a 50% off coupon my daughter had on her receipt. We used school glue to glue it in the bottom of the jars after the glitter dried. I also bought some little birds that came 3 in a package; the rest of the stuff is bits & pieces of things given to me or bought at yard sales. We pulled some coco-liner out of a pot and twisted it into birds' nests, and used beads for eggs, and sprinkled angel charms and sequins and buttons all around. We're not finished, but we have feathers and other trinkets to throw in after we make our fairies. I'll take photos when we finish. The finished fairy jar is one I made a short while back, and I just love it, it'll probably stay my favorite.

Well, this is crazy, but I found out one of the reasons my hip hurts. It's because of my knee. I fell down my porch steps a few times because of trying to work out my new medications and having an inner ear infection, then I fell over the lid of my curbside garbage can and landed on my knees on the lid( there's another story for one day!) They didn't see a break or crack when it was x-rayed, so I just got pain relievers and stayed off my feet as much as possible. Last Saturday we were having a yard sale at my sisters house. I'd walked across her lawn and got halfway back to the table when I felt my knee pop and felt some awful burning pain. Late that night I had to go to the ER, and the minute the Dr. touched my knee he said "that's a bakers cyst" and walked out. I asked Hoss what did he say, "bakers cyst?" and he said no I think he said "beggars cyst" (yeah,good one HossFly) About an hour later he came back and said the blood work showed no blood clot in my leg and no other problems, which is what all the symptoms are just like, and that he had looked it up on the internet(!!!!) to check treatments. It can be aspirated with a HUGE needle, but will likely come right back. Or cortisone shots, which will only work short term; I'll eventually need surgery to remove the sac. And..I need to get an orthopedic surgeon to do that right away..before it ruptures. CRAP. I've never even heard of such a thing as a bakers cyst. So I got some nice Lortabs and an Ace bandage, and I'm supposed to stay off my feet as much as possible and avoid steps. I have steps front and back, dang-it! And use ice packs separated from my skin with cloth 4 or 5 times a day. Yesterday walking out onto the front porch I accidently hit the fan-stand and my flip-flop got stuck under one of the feet and made me stumble backwards and I felt my hip pop; now it hurts. Then last night I was walking by my massive oak Dedeaux Clan rocking chair and hit one of the rocker thingies with my ankle; it swelled up like an eggplant right away, LOL! Dammit...all this on the same leg, my left one. Hoss picked a great time to go spend to Ohio for a couple weeks....
fun fun fun


The Japanese Redneck said...

OMG Kudzu, your the only walking accident worse than I am.

Sounds like you need to roll around in a wheel chair for a while to recuperate. Also, sounds like a ramp is in order at your house if you're not suppose to use stairs.

I hope you get well soon. Be careful with the meds, they fool your body into thinking it feels better than it is.



The Japanese Redneck said...

P.S. - completely forgot about the fairy jars after I got to reading about all your injuries.

The fairy jars are cute and your grandkids are so lucky to have somebody that does that kind of stuff with them.


davida said...

OK.. I know from baker's cyst.. I have a massive one behind my left knee. and had one removed surgically from my right which came back within two weeks of the surgery. The only answer is a total knee replacement. your knee joint is inflamed because of probably cartilage degeneration. This cause the synovial fluid in your knee joint to go into overdrive and produce too much fluid into it's bursa sack. if the cyst is small, don't worry.. if it is really big like mine you'll have to do something to stop the inflammation process going on in your knee. have a blood test or some fluid aspirated from your knee to see how much inflammation is in your knee. possibly an MRI to check out your knee. Best of luck..

Susan S. said...

The little fairy jars are cute...but SO sorry to hear about you poor little leg. Take care of yourself!!!!