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Friday, June 19, 2009

Beach In A Bottle

Aren't these sweet little treasure hunts in a bottle? I twirled it around for half an hour last night, and I'm the one who put the goodies inside! I know I made a small one a while back, but I always wanted to make some in a wine bottle with a cork. I think they're beautiful!

You just need any size bottle or jar with a lid, add some sand, and throw in a handful of bits & pieces.

From here you can see a sun face sequin, a blue button,a blue bird sequin, a piece of green beach glass, some shells, some beads, and see a pinch of glitter mixed in with the sand? There's quite a few other bits & pieces in this photo,too. Glue the cork or lid on!


Amber said...

That is so pretty!! TFS!

Susan S. said...

I love the bottle...what a GREAT idea! And thank you so much for the chuckle today...when I opened your blog the Loretta Lynn/Conway Twitty duet came on and I jusst had to crack up....."you're the reason our kids are ugly, little darlin':.......HAHAHHAHA...too funny!