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Saturday, June 20, 2009

About Those Quilts

The pencil shavings got me thinking of quilts, so I'm going to repost photos of them. You can tell I started making them a long time ago,lol, by the old photos. I quilted for over 20 years, and now it's been a long time since my hands worked for hand quilting. I'm guessing I could still put together tops, but how many tops does one old lady need???

This is a Snails Trail, or Galaxy, Or Indiana Puzzle, or any number of other names for it! I put over 1,300 pieces in this one. Queen size scrap. Outline quilted.

This is an Appliqued String Star lap quilt I made for a sister. Strings are all the small pieces you save from piecing quilts; I sewed a lot together, then cut the diamond shapes out and appliqued them to squares of muslin. That's my baby boy YEARS ago :D Notice the King sized Monkey Wrench quilt in the background. It was made to block drafts from the rest of the house and hung from a long pole over 2 doorways.

This is the center medallion of a Grandmothers Fan and Jacobs Ladder quilt I made for Twin a long time ago. I got yards of the soft blue chambrey from my friends mother. The rest of the quilt was finished with another row of fans and ladders but I can't remember how I finished the border or binding. It was queen size.

This is a beautiful one, you can tell I love the fan pattern! Queen size and quilted with a tulip in each block above the fan. There's an extra row on this quilt to make it fit. Wish I hadn't done that, but that was a long time ago, and I eventually began making all of them a square queen size. That is the only photo and it got wet. A Chain Link Medallion.

A Nine-Patch Square with the wreath quilted in each blue floral square. This one is king sized.

A Double Irish Chain made with a rotary cutter. Feathered wreath quilting. Queen sized.

Maple Leaf quilt, queen sized, outline quilted. A puffy batting that was difficult to quilt.

On the bottom is an un-quilted Double Irish Chain, and on top is an unfinished Streak of Lightning baby quilt.

This is an un-quilted Basket of Chips.

A hand pieced and hand quilted Double Wedding Ring, full sized. All my quilts are hand-quilted. I kept this one for myself.

An un-quilted Log Cabin top, king sized. I eventually outline quilted it. I LOVE the Log Cabin pattern, putting together those lights and darks.

A Log Cabin quilt outline quilted, full sized.

A Grandmothers Fan medallion. Queen sized, I quilted it with lots of feathered quilting and kept it for my own bed.

An Appliqued Butterfly quilt for my granddaughter. My daughter in law helped.

A small Monkey Wrench pattern I got from a magazine, it was called Quails Nest.

A rotary cut Lone Star quilt. I made several of these. Quilted with Feathered Wreaths. Queen sized.

This is a Split Rail baby quilt, outline quilted.

A Jewel Box lap quilt lots of feathered quilting.

A Triangle Puff quilt for my granddaughter. Each triangle is made separate then hand sewn together. I can't remember how I added that border! It's tied with colored floss.

A stack of Skip To My Lou blocks, and a stack of Basket of Chips before I put it together. I never got the Skip to my Lou top finished.
And that's about it, I never got to photograph all my quilts. How sad I didn't know any better back then.


bopeep said...

Prayers, Bo

misselaineous said...

Hey Cherry! Your quilts are gorgeous!! Finished or not, they're just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. *elaine*

Betty said...

Hi, came over from garden web. Love your things there so thought I'd check your blog out. Love the quilts. I used to do quite a bit of quilting too but my hands wont let me anymore either. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Kudzu said...

thanks ya'll *:D*

I still have lots of fabrics and imagine different quilts, it'd be nice if I could sew again


Jean Tuthill said...

The quilts are beautiful. Such a lot of work! Thanks for sharing.

The Japanese Redneck said...

What a lot of work. Beautiful.

Thanks for posting.


World Internet Summit said...

Wow,what great quilts are!!

June said...

Wow these are beautiful. You are very talented.
I also had a peek at your fairies in a jar and thats a wonderful idea and they are fabulous.
Thanks for popping into freebies and i am glad you liked the blog. I am sure you will find many many more to grab in the future and i hope you enjoy them too
Hugs June xxx

Marie Reed said...

These are phenomenal! You have such a creative soul! Each one is so unique:) I wish that I could quilt! I see that you are a Mississippi girl! I was born in Mobile, Alabama:)

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

What a talented quilter you were. so beautiful. Log cabin is my favorite style!!!