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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Newest Fairies In A Jar

Here is a beautiful photo I found while at you so much June! I gave her a pink and green dress in photo editing, then glittered her up. I found some gorgeous wings at and printed them on tracing paper. Thank you Katherine! I printed her on a 4x6 photo paper and glittered her,then cut her out. Can you tell she's in a Starbuck's frappuccino bottle? Now go out and drink some more so your fairies have a place to rest!

Here she is dancing around in an old bottle with some bits & pieces she found to dress her place up!

Check out this fairy boy, I found him at June's,too! And those are Katherine's wings!

Here he is relaxing in his jar, surrounded by little boy treasures. His jar is made from a Tostito's cheese dip jar...we love nachos around here! I especially love the taller jars for these projects,too.

Here are some wings I printed out from, and see how I used glitter glue pens to color them in? If you look close you'll see Katherine's name and how to find her site,too!


I'm sorry I've been lazy, but my grandson is wearing me out, and the heat has been some record-breaking highs! I brought a box of fairy jar stuff to my bedroom to work on in peace and quiet, but I just fall asleep before my head hits the pillow!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments...everybody have a great day!



CiNdEe said...

Love the new fairies in the jars!!! They are so cute!!!! I have a tiny lantern I need to make one out of sometime! Maybe I can send it to you instead(-:

Kudzu said...

OooOOh Cindee, you'll LOVE making these, and I've got a lot of lanterns myself to use! and thank you for the sweet comment!

Brenda said...

As always, you make the cutest Fairies in a Jar. I know what you mean about the heat - over here in Florida it has been record breaking, thank goodness for AC. I haven't posted a lot because it is summer and I, too, like to watch the grandchildren as often as I can. But I am heading to Houston for a Decorative Painters Convention in a couple of weeks. Should be fun.

June said...

Gosh you really do make some magic in thos jars. what beautiful work and i love the wings you found too they are super. These jars are a little girls dream
fabulous work my friend and i am so glad the images are being glamourised here
Hugs June xxx