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Saturday, July 11, 2009

We Have Babies!!

I KNEW Mamie had puppies; I just thought they'd died somehow. Maybe the chicken hawks(very bad this year) or fireants (also very bad since it started raining) or a snake. She never let on where they were at, but every now and then we'd catch a little sound..."did you hear a puppy? no, sounded like a mockingbird meowing like a cat...did you hear puppies under the porch? no, you must be going crazy, I don't hear a thing; I heard puppies under the deck!,nah, you're hearing things, you know that dog didn't have puppies.......ok, so why does she have huge boobs full of milk; how come it looks like something's been gettin' ninny?? those ninnies are always clean and wet and full of milk!!! *sigh* so a few days ago Hoss is out runnin' the roads, and my daughter and I were gettin' groceries. When we pulled back up in the driveway, we saw Mamie laying there with THREE puppies. I of course traumatized the puppies for life by opening the car door before she parked, jumped out and ran shrieking "oh, we have BABIES!" awwww" which made them run for dear life back into the woods. The next day my daughter saw two puppies near her car, so stopped and caught'd have thought they were being killed, they were squealing so loud. It took hours to get them;turns out there are four. Two are larger,white with gold spots, like rat terriers. Another is golden with white toes and ears trimmed in black. The last one is black, spotted like a rottweiller, but looks like a rat terrier. They're all so cute......and so smart! We can't keep them, but Hoss wants the little golden one. He already named him Tucker. I named one of the white ones Eddie, like the dog on Frazier! He's so smart and so unafraid of anything so far. I told him shake the first time I ever saw him and he reached out and shook hands! The other white one looks like a St. Bernard, but tiny, lol! Hoss named him Winston. No name for the black one yet.


Debbie's Garden said...

I see a broken heart coming when they have to go away. They are SO cute.

Jean Tuthill said...

They are adorable. I love dogs, especially puppies. I have one and he is the love of my life! Don't tell my DBF. When you get a chance, please come by my blog, I have an award for you!

Kudzu said...

Oh, Debbie, already broken-hearted. While I was out mowing Twin's lawn yesterday, my niece came and adopted Eddie.When I told her how smart he was and knew "shake" the first time he heard it, when I said "shake" he lifted his paw up for her to shake! We all agree Eddie is a genius :D He'll be chasing squirrels and rats and mice in no time! At least I'll have visitation rights to him! lol

Oh, wow! Thank you so much Jean!! I feel so honored:) I will post about that as soon as possible!

Ya'll bear with me, it's so hard for me to work this little laptop,lol! and I feel lost without all the photographs I took and images I downloaded....but I'll get back in order soon*blush*

The Japanese Redneck said...

Good that Eddie has found a home so soon though and like you said you can see him whenever you want to.

Love the puppies.