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Friday, July 10, 2009

Pennies From Heaven And A Lavender Fairy

I want to tell about the pennies :D For the last few years, we've been finding pennies all over the house, and even in very odd places. I've heard stories about people losing a loved one, then finding a coin, or seeing a butterfly or...any number of certain little weird things. What makes it weird is where you're finding them or how. For instance, last week when Twin was here, I told her I'd found some baby shoes to go with a small picture I'd framed of an old woman looking through a trunk, and holding a pair of baby shoes in her hands. I wanted to put this picture on a shelf, or add pegs to hang my childrens baby shoes, plus some I just collect. Twin said she didn't remember the picture I was talking about, so I reached down beside the china cabinet where I had it between the wall and the cabinet sitting upright. When I pulled it out and handed it across the table to her, a penny suddenly flew right off of it, like it had been thrown. We're sort of getting used to this, but it still made us gasp and say "wow", lol. Then a while later I told her my mop water had gotten cold, so I dumped it out and set the bucket in the tub and made a new batch of hot mop water, and then started to mop the floor. I carried the mop across the room and set it down in the floor. Right away we heard a little clink sound, so I picked the mop up and there underneath it was a shiny new penny. Things like this happen all the time. A really weird incident was last month at the emergency room, when I had to go there for my leg. As I was being wheeled into the x-ray lab, I noticed a bright shiny penny right under the x-ray table! I pointed it out to the lab guy, and all he said was, oh you dropped your penny?" I said' no, it was already there" he says " do you want it?".....well, no, I didn't want it, but I told him someone must be trying to tell one of us something :D Those rooms are scrubbed down and disinfected after every patient, very strange!

Here's a site to read about it.

I finished another fairy in a jar, this one is lavender, my favorite color of the moment :D I had her printed out before the lightning fried my computer, so I'm not sure where she came from. I clipped her out and tinted her hair red and her dress lavender. I tried to make it look like she was sitting on a mound of moss, and she does, but it's very hard to photograph! It looks like her toes are curled:D

The ribbon came out of a pair of pajamas; don't worry, they have elastic,too! There's a penny in there, some bird feathers from my sisters blue bird, and some silvery-white trim from an old angel ornament. I tied a silver butterfly charm, and a silver heart with blue rhinestones to the top. And some little flowers glued to the other side. This one looks SO much better in real life, I couldn't get a good photo at all! I love making my little fairies with red hair and violet eyes!

Check it out..I stopped at the Goodwill for a few minutes the other day and found this baggie of pink flowers for .99 cents.

And these two double-matted fairy prints for .99 cents each,too. On the back you can see they came from Michael's and were originally $8.99 each. I have future plans for those :D

Everybody have a good Saturday/yard sale day!


Debbie's Garden said...

Thanks for stopping by. Where is S. MS are you? I have "people" outside of Hattiesburg in Petal.

I love to think these really are a sign from heaven. A loved one saying hello. Maybe you should start saving your "thinking of you from heaven" pennies in a jar and see how many you get.

Kudzu said...

Hi Debbie, we're way down on the Coast outside the Biloxi/Gulfport area :D
I was saving them in a little plastic dish in the kitchen window sill; mostly to save the ones I was finding in the washer and dryer. I told my daughter to let's see how long it takes to fill up the bowl, lol. But then it wasn't just the washer and dryer, they show up around the sink and on the floor in the kitchen. I've even found them in the fridge! They're all over the house now, pull a towel off the shelf in the bathroom and one falls out of the folded clean towel, or just falls from the ceiling. Needless to say, I have tons now!