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Friday, August 21, 2009

Newest Fairies In A Lantern

Time for more fairies! I've been crafting but not taking many photos. I still spend a lot of time in bed, but now I have crutches. I'm thinking of painting them purple...HA! You know, it's a lot harder to get around on crutches than it looks! Mostly I use just one, because my grandson is playing with the other; he thinks it's cool. Back to the doctor Monday morning.
I painted some little lanterns light green and glittered them up. I've painted the last of my fairies I had printed out; no more fairies or wings unless I haul the printer next door to Twin's. Guess I'll do that soon, I want to make Captured Witches!

A sweet little sitting fairy checking out a star. I made a birds' nest and used beads for eggs;lots of other bits& pieces added in for a typical fairy's treasure!

She's a cutie; I gave her a gold necklace with a red bead. Lots of treasures in her little nest!

The,they're wearing me out.

See this basket? It was an old one shaped like an old laundry basket.

Not much left of the basket, and now they're fighting over a hairbrush.

Here they are trying their best to look innocent. Too bad there's what's left of a roll of toilet paper in here around the dining table.

Here's the Instigator..haha......this is Tucker, looking for the Hot Wheels car he dropped down in the box of crap they play on. That basket is mostly gone by the time I get to this post. Hoss says they tore up my basket; I say they made me pumpkin stems! So guess what I'm crafting now??


CiNdEe said...

LOL puppies will be puppies! They are doing what they do best(-: My granddog chewed up a lot over the last three years too(-: Sometimes funny like when it was his moms stuff. Other times I said oh well.(-:
I love your fairy stuff(-:
I am building a fairy house! Its turning out pretty cool(-: Might finish this weekend(-:

AngelMc said...

gosh those puppies are precious, how can you be mad at them when they look at you like that. those big sweet brown eyes...there is just nothing like a puppy.

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Fairies and puppies in the same house! And can't wait to see the Captured Witches--you are soooooo creative!!

The Japanese Redneck said...

They are innocent. Look at those sweet baby faces.


Deborah said...

Your puppies are adorable. I dont think they meant to destroy your basket. They were just sharpening their teeth.
I also love your lantern and jar fairies.