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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Fairy On A Swing And LOTS More!

Did you miss me? lol! Okay, no funnies; like..."yeah, but I'm re-loading" or "yeah, but my aim's gettin' better"......!!
I'm getting so lazy, I can barely get myself out of bed anymore. Not that I'm doing nothing; I'm keeping off my leg, and crafting and watching TV...multi-tasking! I started making some little styrofoam pumpkins covered in tissue paper, using the pieces parts of the old basket the puppies ate as stems. This will eventually be a centerpiece on the dining table when I buy some silk foliage and berries. My grandson loved this craft...til he was halfway through one pumpkin. Too sticky for him. Anyway,I cleaned up an old soup tureen my younger sister gave me to craft with,and that will be my vase. I want some potpourri,too. I cut out a lot of yellow sunflowers from that dyed muslin, and some black plaid for the centers. This is another great "laying-in-the-bed-craft". Last night I was putting away my little sewing mess, and my grandson came running in asking was I sewing. I told him yes, but I was putting it away now. He says "but Meme, I want to do that running stitch again". !!!! Aww, the day before I was trying to come up with a pattern I like of an angel made from a torn quilt. He'd come in and asked if he could try, so I said sure why not, all boys need to know how to sew their own buttons on and patch their own rips and tears; this was something I taught my son and daughter to do,too. So I gave him the little scrap of torn quilt and showed him how to make a whip stitch; he got it right the first time! Then I showed him the running stitch and he sewed the neck hole for the angel. He's pretty good at this, and so last night I let him sew the center of a sunflower on with a running stitch. He hasn't finished yet, we have to stuff it, and he has to finish sewing it closed. No sewing tonight, we read a book and did homework. Can you believe it's almost been a month since school started? And some places the schools haven't even begun yet.
Here's some goodies..........

I love this one. I still don';t have my computer and I may never get it fixed or a new one; so Ican't tell where I got this image from. But it was offered free, I'm positive of that! Thanks to the nice person I got it from!!

Here are the styrofoam pumpkins. Aren't these neat? I'm mostly using these medium sized ones I bought at a yard sale; a whole bag really cheap, maybe a quarter or fifty cents, I don't know anymore! Ican't remember what site or blog I found these on, I'll have to get back to you on that.
Oh, here it is!! All Free Crafts ..Pumpkin Garland

This is my fairy on a swing. The photo was actually a girl on a swing :D lol...two girls! I cut one off, and now I need to finish her,too. This one is sitting on a swing made out of a daisy.

A tinybird house made from an old quilt. I'm not finished; it needs a little something....


CiNdEe said...

Wow you got a lot done for just sitting around(-: Thats how I did the fairy house. My back was hurt so I had to stay indoors and not work outside so I had to have something to do(-:
On the pumpkins...did you carve out the grooves? Those are soooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like your fall display is going to be just beautiful like everything you make!
The fairy on the swing is adorable. I love it! You should be selling these!!!!
I also think its great you are teaching your grandson to sew that is important!!!(-:

The Japanese Redneck said...

Everything turned out great. Very creative.

AngelMc said...

love the bird house.