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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Made An Ice Candle And Possum 911

It wasn't really a 911.....LOL! Remember the Red Green show?? LOL Mamie was barking her little butt off, so we finally had a look-see. Damned if it wasn't a huge Grand-daddy possum teasing my sweet Mamie girl! So my grandson was all excited since it was the first live one he's ever seen...there's dozens of dead ones on the roads!.....and once we pulled back the curtains on the french doors, the puppies could see their Mama, and remembered all about the ninny, and then THEY were barking so then Mamie decided to show off or protect her babies or give them a lesson on possums; I'm not sure which, but she started that thing with scratching the back legs like a bull does, and she was SMILING at us while she did it, then she charged the handrail where Possum was perched. Ol Possum only glanced down at her. Then Mamie tried to climb the spindles to get a little closer......I gotta mention Mamie is ( I think) a part Pekingnese and part rat terrier,so she's small and she loves to chase squirrels and rats and boss Uncle Pedro around,and Uncle Pedro likes to chase Morticia around. She's a black cat who moved into my chiminea a few years ago, and came with a gray striped male we named Gomez. Crazy cats.( Pedro is a Rottweiller pit bull mix, and a good ol dog. Hoss says unfortunately there's not much call for good ol dogs anymore. I don't always agree with Hoss.) So my grandson and I pulled some chairs up to the french doors so we could watch the floor was the most exciting thing that happened all day.....and let the puppies sit in our laps so they could see,too. Mamie is still trying to climb up the spindles and then the possum drops it's tail down right on Mamie's head! I thought that was it, she's gonna snatch that possum down and it'll all be over. NO! Mamie starts licking the possums tail...gross.......and the possum lifts it up, then drops it down, Mamie licks it again......and then I realized dammit, these two KNOW each other. Possum drops it's tail down again and Mamie grabs it in her mouth and possum yanks it out, Mamie smiles at us, and I'm thinking "you little fakers!" Oh,well, at least my grandson was thrilled to see them out there! lol. They never did anything more, except Possum showed it's fangs a couple times when Mamie got it's tail again. We get all the "speshul" animals here.

a terrible picture, but it's through the window glass, at night, with 3 puppies climbing up my legs.


Here's the ice candle. I used a large Tropicana waxed carton, and a white taper candle, and lotos of broken candles and crayons, along with apple cinnamon scented oil. I wasn't sure how big the finished candle would be, so I didn't cut the taper off yet. Oh, and I made this one upside down, merely because that's the first one I found when I searched how to make it!! LOL Worked out good, since the candle was lots taller than I thought it would be.
I made a small hole in the bottom of the carton, and put the wick of the taper through it, and put some modeling clay over that so the hot wax wouldn't leak out. I set up a foil covered cookie sheet and my cookie cooling rack, and set the carton on it, and it looked crook-edy, so I taped it up square, and then packed in a combination of crushed ice and ice cubes, and started pouring in my melted wax......BE CAREFUL MELTING WAX!!!!, more ice, more wax, til it was full, and of course it cooled and hardened right away. I had to tear the carton off to get the candle, then I set it in the sink so all the water could drain out. Then I cut the taper off. Here it is, with some decorative papers and some pieces of old tatting and silk flowers.

Here is how it looked when I started adding ice.

Next time, I'd use less ice, and more crushed ice than whole cubes. I still like it, it smells great, and it's on the coffee table....waiting for the puppies to eat it, I guess!

A little bit better photo of the witch lantern.


CiNdEe said...

LOL about the possum. We had one here the other night. Jack was not watching so he missed it! The only way we knew was because my duck had a spaz attack and had to come inside! LOL She gets to come in at night anyhow but was not in yet. SO then I was looking around with the flashlight and spotted the rat looking creature on the sidewalk. It then went into the garage! Probably lives in

Your candle is really pretty. We made some one year in Cub Scouts!!!
I also love your lantern. I still haven't done anything with mine. I need to work on that! I love the witch idea!(-:

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

There's something about wild critters in Mississippi--anywhere else that possum would've either knocked Mamie's head off or skedaddled off at her first bark. But noooooo--THIS possum puts on a floor show for y'all! The jackrabbits in our yard just sit there and watch the Chihuahua run by (she's half-blind), same with the squirrels. Who needs tv when you've got a yard full of critters to watch?!

misselaineous said...

Hey Cherry! won the PROPER giveback on my blog! Email me your mailing info so I can get PROPER on it's way to you ASAP! Thanks for playing. *elaine*

Kudzu said...

oh wow Miss Elaine.....thank you SO much, I can't wait to use the goodies :D!!!

Anonymous said...

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