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Monday, September 14, 2009

Making Rust Happen

I tried one of the recipes I've looked up for making stuff rust quickly. The one I used was salt and vinegar. I bought some silver colored safety pins and small bells and put them in a glass and covered it with vinegar and put about a tablespoon of salt with it. I left that overnight,and the next morning I took them out and laid them on paper towels. Since it was so hot outside and this stuff STINKS...I set it on the porch. Right away it started turning black, and within a couple hours it actually had rust on it. BUT.....that's as far as it got. Then I took some and spray painted them with red oxide and sprinkled with cinnamon. I like it better, lol!

The one on the left is red oxide primer and cinnamon; the one on the right is salt and vinegar.

I took about 30 photos of's so hard! I gave up and chose the clearest.......and maybe tomorrow I'll try again!


vintagesue said...

i love the red oxide primer one and cinnamon. never heard that before. thanks.
i used to use make rust by putting steel wool in the bottom of a jar and mixing bleach and vinegar together....then add items to rust and leave overnite. works great.
also...after a day or two of the solution sitting, i would actually paint the rust solution onto large items i wanted to give a rusty look to. instant age.
hope that helps.

Kudzu said...

Thanks Sue! I happen to have some steel wool and will give this recipe a try,too.
Still can't get a good photo of the witch lantern, I'm not very good at this,lol!

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

I just read this post and am SO glad I did--I've been staring at a pile of shiny necklaces and WISHING them rusted, ha ha. So with these tips, I'm going to finally get them aged. Then I'll stare at them a little longer and WISH them adorned with all the junk I've been collecting. Man, this creative stuff is exhausting!

Kudzu said...

wow, I got a glass and put some bells and pins and the steel wool, then the vinegar and bleach..about half cup of each, and it immediately starting rusting! It felt really warm for a short while, but I felt safe, and did the whole thing in the kitchen sink. I went back later and added some bigger bells and then added more steel wool and vinegar and bleach. They're already rusty but I'm leaving them in overnight.
So thanks again Sue! It works!