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Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank You Miss Elaine!!

Saturday I woke up in a lazy mood. Here it was 8:00am and it was dark outside, rain and thunderstorms AGAIN. No yard sales for me. A peek out of the mini-blinds on the picture window told me maybe the weatherman got it right this time...flooded roads in low lying areas. I couldn't even see the driveway because it was under water. I sat around in my bright red flannel pants, the ones with the puppy faces all over them; and my "I Have Issues" t-shirt with the neck band and the long sleeves cut off with pinking sheers. I didn't even brush my hair all day BUT I had a bra on. Don't you love sports bras??? And the fact that they come in packages of 3??? So, it was a good day for horror movies and glitter. Then....Hoss braved the heavy rains and lightning to get the mail. He comes walking in with a box under his arm and asks me " have you been waiting for this?" was a box from Miss Elaine at Love2junk. !!!
I was ripping the tape off when he says "don't you want to take pictures of it??" Oh, thing he brought it up!
Here are the photos I took...

Isn't that pretty? I love the soft coral color of the seam goes so well with the vintage crocheted pieces! Check out the dainty white drawstring bag with the white buttons in of the buttons is very old; it looks like it's handmade from bone...that's going into safekeeping with my other special things :D The larger piece of hand crocheted lace looks like it may have come from a slip or skirt; it's such a beautiful piece of work, and I think I'll keep that for myself, maybe for a denim skirt or coat or something wearable...maybe for the hem of a long sleeved nice pink or lavender tee-shirt :D Those lengths of white satin ribbon have "Love" printed on them in gold, very pretty! Two very old photographs, the larger one is a boy, maybe a confirmation photo, or graduation. He has a white paper in front of him in the photo. I have old photographs of my father and two uncles, and they're wearing little white dresses. This was in the late 1910's...this photo reminds me of them :D The smaller photo is of a woman wearing a hat, posed next to a stick fence. Great photos to copy and print out for assemblage art!

This is the prettiest, and largest, piece of tatting I've ever had! It's a gorgeous collar, and I'm going to starch and block it as soon as I can, so we can see all the intricate handwork in it!

Another beautiful piece of crocheted lace! So pretty! I wish I could crochet! And check out....eight ladies handkerchiefs, each with embroidery or crocheted edgings :D Won't these look great paired up with my gloves and pearls with an old photo in a shadow box? I'm going to search google images for some other cool ideas! There is also a piece of green handwork, maybe part of a collar? I'm not sure...and a bunch of satin ribbons to play with. These will be perfect for my captured fairies! And on top is the cute little "PROPER" tag Miss Elaine made :D

I'm sorry it took from Saturday til Monday to thank you for the package, Elaine! I LOVELOVELOVE it and I'm so lucky to have won it and it was the perfect thing for a stormy Saturday stuck at home!



CiNdEe said...

What fun! You got a lot of great stuff!!!(-:

misselaineous said...

Morning Cherry! So glad you received your package, and even happier that you like all the goodies! The giveback was a lot of fun to do...the best is knowing that some of my "stuff" collections can make someone else smile! Enjoy...and Thank You for being a Love2Junk F.F.F. {faithful follower friend!} Happy Tuesday *elaine*

The Japanese Redneck said...

What a great thing to get on such a dreary day.