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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Getting Ready For Halloween And MellowCreme Pumpkins And Candy Corn

Have you set out your Halloween or Fall decorations? I'm still gathering bits & pieces for my front porch. Here are some metal candlesticks and a silver plated tray bought from a yard sale, less than a dollar. I used a can of black spray paint, a dollar, added two white tapers I bought at a yard sale this morning for a nickel each, and a red scented votive from last years' yard sales, plus a little piece of fake spider web, which is a dollar, a little piece of silk floral stuff spray painted black,too. Ta-dah!!! Table decor for front porch on the cheap, but it's gonna look spooky :D

from this-

to this! I saw this on Martha Stewart I think....I've really been web surfing lately,lol! Light a red candle and drip the wax down a white candle...a bleeding candle!! I don't think I like those spiders....

And yes, that's a chandelier you see, not finished,lol! I used wire cutters and got the old wire off the arms. I finished the first can of black spray paint on this, and got out another. I'm going to use some Mardi Gras beads to tweak it some, and find something to hold candles on the arms...I love it!
Remember the ugly birdsnests' I bought on clearance? I remade them into something cute, and can use the flowers and leaves somewhere else, and now, I found a use for the birds. I saw this somewhere last week, and now forgot where it was! But it's simply an old branch with the birds hot glued on, then spray painted the whole thing black. Very spooky, I love it!

It will be going on the front porch.

Okay, what's up with the mellowcreme pumpkins??? I love these and I look forward to them every fall. This is part of the second bag Hoss bought me, because I thought he happened to get a bad bag. But no, both bags were off a little...dammit! I was so disappointed!!! My Brach's mellowcreme pumpkins were hard, and had these little white dried parts on them, and not only that, there was about a quarter of the bag full of these green pumpkin stems. They look like peas next to the corn,heh!! Oh, but that corn is a dollar store brand, perfectly fine, nice and mellow and creamy! Ever since I heard Lewis Black talk about candy corn, this is what I think of when we buy it, hilarious!!! Check out his video on YouTube...


Good day at yard sales, I finally got to go this week-end, and this time of year is always full of church fall festivals/yard sales/bake sales. I bought this make-up box full of buttons for $1.

I found this old mirror, I think it's celluloid, and silver plated and brass. The mirror is broken, but I would like to make a little bit of art where the mirror should be. It was only .50 cents, and I also bought a large wooden washboard with a glass scrub board for $3, and a bag full of old plate or picture easels for $1, and....uh, I forget what else I bought from them, lol!

some more goodies

a bag of silk leaves and stuff for .50 cents and 4 saucers for $1, a corsage for a dime, a plastic crocheted tablecloth for a quarter(future pro ect! lol)

One more witch lantern. Others coming this week when I take photos!

so hard to photograph!!



CiNdEe said...

Wow you have been busy!!!! I love your Halloween decorations!!!

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

I LOVE Louis Black but he's way wrong about CANDY corn (not candy CORN)--it's delicious and it's the only candy I eat with actual sugar. I don't know how everyone else eats it, but it takes me three bites: the white, then the orange, then the yellow. Oh and I do love those punkins, too!

Jean Tuthill said...

I love your halloween decorations that you made. I love candy corn, too, I can't leave it alone when I have it around.