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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Zipper Posie Tutorial

this one is a little different. I made it in overlapping petals, with a gray zipper and a navy blue shank button as the center, and navy blue leaves.

I cut the gray petals about 3" long or so, then glued and pinched them like the photo above.

Six petals seemed about right! Glue them like the photo above overlapping a little.

It should look like this. Now glue a pretty button to the center.

Make some leaves for your pin, and glue them to the back. Now glue a pin back to it, and you're done. Pretty!



My 6 year old grandson who was told " well, why don't you go outside and start digging a hole to China?". And my dog Mamie, who wants to dig,too.


CiNdEe said...

ROTFL I just told Jack the other night when he was digging...what are you doing digging a hole to China? He said yeah I thought you and Dad could have a Chinese Food dinner!!!(-: Yeah Jack is a talking

The Japanese Redneck said...

Those zipper flowers are cute. Funny. How big a hole did they did?


Kudzu said...

thanks ya'll !

lol,they got a pretty nice niced hole dug with that little metal shovel. i gave him a large pot that one of my plants had died in to fill it, and it took the whole thing to do it! he stomped it down real good,too!

Angela Harris said...

Thanks for the little tutorial on zipper flowers. very cute!