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Friday, October 16, 2009

Zipper Pin Tutorial

a bit late, it's so hard to get time on the computer these days. I hope ya'll can see the pics and follow along!,lol.......

I used a small piece of burgandy zipper left over from another flower as the very center. Then I began wrapping the lavender one around it. Start off tightly winding, then loosen it up a bit, pinching and gluing as you go.

I begin winding the other half of the zipper, since I used a short one. The outer petals I like to pinch and glue in a wavy pattern.

Finished the rose, and cut out a couple leaves,each about 3" long.

Fold the leaf in a nice shape...I like this one! lol....glue to the back, slightly over-lapping.

I use a circle of felt; cut 2 slits in it for the pin backing to fit through,; slip it in and glue it on.

There it is, all finished! Pin it to your blouse, coat, purse, headband...whatever you like.

have fun!


Jill said...

Very nice!

Cindy from Chippewa Creek said...

How very cute!!!

I haven't been around for a while, how are you doing and feeling?

Crafty Gardener said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to try and make some of these as extra little gifts for Christmas.

Ginger said...

How cute these are! Loved the tutorials you share with us
thank you so much!