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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Old Canning Jar Lid Ornaments and A Framed Christmas Card

This week I made some cute ornaments. I'd seen the little snowman somewhere, and decided to look up exactly how it was made, and found someone had made a shadow box ornament. Of course, I had to Cherry it up, and here's my versions!

You'll need:
the inner lid for some and the ring and inner lid for others
old greeting cards
glue and glitter
hammer and nail or
drill and small bit
small pieces of faux greenery and berries and other items to decorate with

here's one made of the inner lid. Nail a hole in the top for the hanger. I used fishing line. Paint with a couple coats of white paint, then let the kids use a black paint pen to draw the face. The nose is made from a small triangle of orange felt. Next some school glue is lightly brushed on the cheeks and around the outer edge and white glitter is sprinkled on. Easy!

This one is also just the inner lid. I've cut out a small picture from some wrapping could use a copy of a photo...and glued it to the lid. You'll need 2 holes, one in the top, and one in the bottom. Gold wire was used to attach the heart charm and beads on the bottom, and fishing line hanger on top. I hot glued some ruffled trim on it, then some greenery and gold beads. Cute!

Try a shadow box framed ornament from canning lids. This one takes the inner lid and the ring. Nail a hole inside the outer ring for hanging. Gather some greeting cards or magazine pictures, and decide how you want to arrange it. This one happens to be sprayed with red oxide primer.

You'll get a better idea of how to do this in the photo above. I painted one lid blue, and glued quilt batting to the top side of the inner lid. After you trim down your pieces to the size of the lid, glue down those pieces. I cut out the birds on this card, and used a small piece of cardboard to raise it higher, and glued them right on top of another bird. Gives it a 3-D effect that way. Glitter it the way you like, if you choose. Now use some glue might be best here...and put some around the edge of the inner ring,face up. Set the outer ring over it. Don't smash it!
Now glue some faux greenery and berries or whatever you like to it. The Santa one I let my grandson "help" with. We painted the outer ring with glue and gold glitter. We cut out Santa's face and part of the tree, and glued it to a circle we cut out of the rest of the front of the card. Now there's the 3-D effect on that one! Notice I used some snow type white paint. Well, we didn't have any, so we had to invent some real quick. I added some cornstarch to white paint; lol..hey, it works! Sequins and gold bead trim is glued to the tree. Pretty! Go make some!

The bird one. I added a small feather later, but didn't get a photo of it; it's really sweet like that,too. Maybe I'll remember later!

The Santa it!

A nice old looking one. The outer ring, and the bell are both spray painted with red oxide primer. I added some lace, and used sheet music in the back, and glued her to cardboard, and added a small grosgrain ribbon.
You can make these into any style you prefer. Also, don't forget you can use photos and make them into personal gifts!

I happened to buy this 4x6 frame at a yard sale ages ago for a nickel. Still says .05 on the! And Hoss bought these Christmas cards at the dollar store...very nice! and a perfect fit!

The frame is scratched and ugly. I painted on a coat of cheap white school glue, then applied a coat of white craft paint. This makes it crackle. I used a blow dryer to hurry it up!

For the card, I used a toothpick and added white paint and glitter for snow, then touched it up with glitter glue in the matching colors on Christmas decorations on the greeting card. It's set on a dollar store plate easel.

I hope you use some of these ideas for your own...and have fun!


AngelMc said...

wow, i love them. what a great idea. now i'm wishing i didn't throw away all those Christmas cards.

concretenprimroses said...

Great ideas Cherry! I've been wanting to make some ornaments using copies of the MANY old family photos I'm fortunate to have. The shadow boxes made out of the canning jar lids are just the ticket! And to think I just threw some away...

CiNdEe said...

What darling ornaments! Great ideas and you make it look so easy to do!

Kudzu said...

thanks so much,ya'll!

Stella said...

What a great idea for making hostess gifts for Christmas or any season. Thank you I am always looking for ideas to make personal little gifts.

Jean Tuthill said...

Such beautiful ornaments, I'm going to try some of these. I have all the pieces. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, what words..., a remarkable idea