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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! A New Wreath From Old Paper, And Mamie Had Six Puppies!

Check out this wreath made from hymnal pages I put through the paper shredder and then dipped in tea. Very easy to make, and you can use it for lots of things like gift bag filler....or a wreath! Take handfuls of shredded paper and dip into a large bowl of tea( add vanilla and a scented oil if you like, as long as it's the kind made for skin; the wrong kind will burn you!!) Squeeze out excess liquid and lay out on a cookie sheet to dry. Flip it over now and then to dry, and pull apart if they're stuck together.

You'll need:

shredded paper
a cardboard circle the size you like
wire or a paper clip for a hanger
hot glue gun

I used a dinner plate and a small bowl for my circle templates and an old cardboard box.

This is how it looks from the back, you can see how I cut out the cardboard circle. I hot glued a paper clip to the back for a hanger. To start....squeeze some glue out and grab a handful of shredded paper and stick to it. You want to make sure you cover the outside and inside edges with the paper. You may need to go back with a second layer, like I did.

Just handfuls like this..until it's as fluffy as you like it. You can trim any pieces off til it has a nice shape.

I finally decided on the larger cherub, mostly because it was already painted. But now I have three small white cherubs for a future project! I cut off two strips of black tulle; one is folded in half and twisted and glued down in places. The other is tied in a bow and glued on. Then the cherub is hot glued on one side. This is it hanging in my bedroom.


I almost forgot!! Mamie's puppies! Yep, she had six. I think they have a few different daddies. The two boxers resemble the boxer nearby. it just a coinky-dink?? One looks suspiciously like Uncle Pedro. The other three look like Jack Russell's. (not Uncle JACK...but terriers, heh! Except huge front feet, and tiny little back feet. This photo is right after birth.


AngelMc said...

Love the wreath, but I looovvve the puppies. Please post more pictures.

CiNdEe said...

I love your wreath but am just thrilled to see your new babies(-: Were they born on NYE or today? How sweet they are! And funny if neighbor is one of the fathers...can you get child support from him? LOL(-: Better call Montel and have him figure out Whos' Yer

Cass @ That Old House said...

I love the wreath, but I am a total sucker for puppies! Adorable.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season, and HAPPY NEW YEAR from That Old House.

May your 2010 be blessed with happiness and peace.

Best wishes, Cass

vintagesue said...

wreaths are so much fun to make!!!! yours is lovely.
congrats to mamie. she looks tired and ready for the paparazzi to go poor thing. her babies are so super cute....
take care

Kudzu said...

aww,thanks ya'll!

mamie has us up all night long, she hates being inside, even for her puppies. however....i get the feeling she wants them under somebody's bed...hmmmmmmm...prolly mine! or where i tossed my clean laundry..the white clothes.