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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Make Some Paper Lanterns-Recycle Your Christmas Tissue!

I saw these the other day while browsing the net. Check out the tutorial at INFUSEDgoods more!

Here are a set of 3 I made from a bundle pack of tissue I already had. Well, I have LOTS of tissue; it's in a large gift bag which I can never find when I need it. Fortunately I still have the Christmas boxes out so it was a little easier on me. I like the gold and black scheme of this paper. I did scrunch it up because I thought the crumpled paper look was just nicer, and maybe would hide some mistakes better. But I do plan on trying some with fresh crisp paper,too! My grandson used some crumpled up lime green tissue I already had, and I let him use a star stamp and gold paint to decorate his. My daughter made one of black tissue that has silver glitter in it; it looks really great! And her friend made one of burgandy tissue, which is equally awesome.

Let me just HAVE to use the modeling clay!! I found that out the hard way :D But Hoss bought me a pack that had twice as much in it as I needed for .97 cents. The popsicle sticks were 150 or so for $1, and you can buy large packs of tissue also for a dollar, in many colors and prints. The pretty gold and black I have cost a little more, under $3, but has 2 sheets of 5 prints in it, and I think I got it at Michaels.

Here they are hanging in a corner of my bedroom, with the light on.
My grandsons is in the top right corner!

And here they are with the bed room light off and the battery votives on.

Try this, it's easy and a really nice decoration.


CiNdEe said...

Wow those look so professionally done! Very nice!!!!(-: And we all know paper lanterns are expensive to buy at the store! Great job!!!

vintagesue said...

those are super cute!!! i think i will let my kids make some and i KNOW they will LOVE THEM!!! i too can't find tissue paper when i need anything else for that matter.
thanks for the tip!! these are really cute.

INFUSEDgoods said...

Thank you for letting me know you made these and for posting pictures, I love all of these! I'm so glad so many of you enjoyed the project.

The Japanese Redneck said...

They look great. Love the way they turned out.

misselaineous said...

Hey Cherry...Thanks for stopping by Love 2, and leaving a comment. Feel free to copy the Christmas card...picked that up at a pre-Christmas yard sale where every thing was sooo overpriced. Managed to find that card & 2 or 3 others and only paid .25 each for them. Love the images...they're steel engravings and almost look hand colored. Happy New Year! *elaine*

Elise said...

thank you - they look perfect ! Happy New Year

concretenprimroses said...

Those are awesome Cherry!