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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scherenschnitte Valentines and Wow... It's Cold Here In Mississippi!!

About 25 years ago I bought each of my children a paper cutting. My daughter's was a heart shape with flowers and birds, and my son's was The Brementown Musicians. All I have left of either one is part of a rooster and some pieces parts off of the other animals. But I loved the look and bought a magazine soon after and tried my hand at making some. Those are gone,too...I must've given them away. So now I'm trying it again and made these today. Very sloppy and with plain paper and manicure scissors, but it was good practice, and this blister should heal soon :D I'll show you if you don't laugh, and you can copy the patterns if you want to. I did copy a nice witch silhouette off of a blog, and I plan on cutting that and putting it over an old book page.

This is like one I saw in a book. I think I'll re-do it and maybe add a ring or two on those fingers. And it needs something between those scrolls around the wrist area. Try this one for yourself, and add a few different elements.

This one was intended to look more like a willow tree! LOL...ah, well, back to the drawing board, huh? Go ahead and try this one,too.

Didn't come out quite like a wreath, did it? And I tore it in a couple places. I should've moved the vine over off of the bow. I'll try this again. You try it for yourself.

Have fun. Try different colors of paper and backgrounds.



CiNdEe said...

Those are cool. Not sure I could cut those out though seems hard. The witch one I want to see(-:

vintagesue said...

those are gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing. i love the hands!!!! very elegant, yet it is just
take care

The Japanese Redneck said...

Good job. That looks tedious!

FlowerLady said...

Those are wonderful! I've not tried that. I'll have to see if the library has any books on it. Where did you get your patterns, or did you draw them free hand?


Kudzu said...

Thanks so much, ya'll!
I drew them free a matter of fact, you should have seen me this morning trying to figure out how to copy my own patterns! I finally held them up to a window and traced them.
I did get ideas from ones I made 20+ years ago, remembering little details like the triangles and leaves. I just made a unicorn like a snowflake I made for Christmas, that came from a horse snowflake. It's so pretty!



concretenprimroses said...

Really nice!
I love cutting paper.