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Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Who-Dat Holiday, Everybody! And A Saints-Valentine Trio Of Crafts

What an awesome game...and we won in OT!! I feel so bad for our home-town boy,though, wow,they put a hurtin' on him; that was playin' too rough, ya'll. So...everybody partied all night, got the Who-Dat Flu and either got the day off or called in sick; the guns and fireworks went off til the early morning and now it's time to start winding down. Daddy was WILL make you wormy! Oh, wait, that was MAMA who said beer will make you wormy; it was DADDY who said candy is dandy but liquor doesn't rot your teeth. But.... who said something about the hair of the dog???

Now here's some Saints Valentines you can make. I had some red glass heart shaped flat marbles leftover from making bowling ball/gazing balls, so I let my grandson use E-6000 to glue some heavy duty magnets to the back of them...very cute! Next, I used an old shiny Valentine gift bag and cut some long triangles and rolled them on a toothpick to make paper beads. I turned them into this cute stretchy bracelet. Here's a good guide to measuring and cutting your paper at And last, I used some loose pearls and a piece of red satin ribbon leftover from a Christmas gift, and made this cute bracelet following Tricia's tutorial.

I'm making more paper beads,trying out different kinds of paper, and found out it's very relaxing, and you can lie in bed, or watch tv while you do it.
almost forgot the photo!!!


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Jean Tuthill said...

I love the bracelets....Go Saints!!!