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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pearl And Fabric Bracelet Tutorial and Puppy Pics!

I finally made a quick tutorial on how I made those pearl and fabric bracelets. Start by tearing or cutting a strip of fabric about 44" long, or longer, by about 1/2" wide or maybe a bit narrower, anyway you'd like it....! It's going to be yours :D Now fold it in half and tie a loose knot at the top, add some glue in the knot and insert one end of your pearl strand...which will be the size of your wrist. I used about 7 1/2" piece of pearl necklace. Tighten up your knot around the first pearl.

Now you can start braiding...just like braiding pigtails! Decide if you want it tight, or loose. I made some tight, and braided around each pearl. This one here I made loose, and you'll see more pearls.

Braid around all the pearls. When You get to the end, tie a knot, insert the last pearl with a dab of glue....Hot glue would be great here...

Then tie into a bow. You might choose to just make a square knot...that's okay,too.

The last step is sewing on a fastener. Use simple snaps, or hook and eye, or a clasp. I happened to already have all of those things. I used snaps.

You can see here where I sewed them on at.

I used Mardi Gras beads in pearl, but try the strands of pearls you'd use for wedding decorations. They're sold by the yard.

Have Fun!


The puppies are 5 weeks old now, and still tiny, but learning to roam around the house. Mamie tries not to give them ninny anymore, she bites and growls at them; but they do have sharp teeth...and there's 6 of them! They're doing great on puppy chow.

They're getting fat and sassy....come running when someone CLOSES the front door. They bite toes and fingers...but especially toes! They've learned to crawl under the loveseat and be very very quiet and still. I had to teach them to come to they know "here kitty kitty". heh :D hey, I can't whistle anymore.

I got them a small 4-wheeler from the dollar store. They all fought over it, then loved it to death. It only had one front wheel and one back wheel left, so I bought a 4-wheeler truck and threw the ATV away.

This is Rose...she says "I've got a WALLET....I can drive a CAR!" I call her B.A. now....she's very mean and tough for being the next to the tiniest.I'm pretty sure her and Axle's daddy is the brindle boxer next door. Mamie had to back up to the fence to make friends with him!

Now Wanda wants to ride, but Rose says "uh,uh, it's MINE!" and here comes Cosmo to help his sister. I'm pretty sure their daddy is the Jack Russell by the river. I sometimes call Cosmo "Haid" in "Haid...muuuuve" or "he lays his huge Haid on on his wee pilla". You have to say that like Mike Myers in "So I Married An Axe Murderer". Poor Cosmo DOES have a huge haid, but that's because it's full of smart-ness. Wanda says "I'm so excited I think I peed a little!". Yeah, my wood floors are either dusty or wet. So the other day I began oiling them down again, with lemon oil. I can only go so far in one day :D

That's Mamie's legs to the left , and Cosmo at the top, and Wanda grabbing the tire with her teeth, but Rose manages to gain control of the ATV once again. Because she's B.A. Rose says "let me show you what this baby can do!".

This is how Rose eats. Lying down in the dish on top of the food, skooching around in a circle til all the food is gone, and she's about to pop. But Rose...this is the Community Puppy Food dish....Friends Share! Rose says "Sharing is for sissies.....I'm B.A."

by the way...B.A. means Bad Ass.

Here are the little things at 3 weeks old, feeding time. They're 5 weeks old now, almost as big as her, so they're pretty much weaned now. Occasionally they'll snag her, but they have to lay on their backs and just latch on to nurse. So sad and pitiful, I keep forgetting they're still very young.
The black one is Coco and the one on this side, white with brown Pebbles. The 2 brown ones on the left end are Axle and Rose. The black and white one with the bigger head is Cosmo, and the other is Wanda. Wanda also wears little black bikini bottoms :D And of course, Mamie, the Mama Dog. Imagine....all the dads...and I think there are 4 different ones now....are all very big dogs! I don't know for sure who Pebbles daddy is, but he has long legs....some wandering hunting dog, maybe?


carla said...

If you were closer i would so be tempted with those pups!

The Japanese Redneck said...

They are cute puppies. I'd be scared with that many dogs fighting over momma.

Anonymous said...

Rose in the dog dish is the cutest thing ever!