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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let's Make Something-Bracelets and a Watch Band

I was inspired by Tricia over at Oh So Crafty, when I saw her Lanvin Inspired Bracelet. Then she made some Anthropologie inspired pieces, the ribbon brooch/watch piece......and I had to get up and make something, too! Thanks Tricia :D
I have a box I keep pearls in, so I have plenty of those, but I didn't have any black ribbon, so I held off making it, since I've spent most of my time sleeping and haven't left the house in weeks :D But yesterday I found a red satin ribbon and decided I'd make a Valentine's Day pearl bracelet. It won't be as chic as the black satin but I'll eventually make that one,too. Unfortunately, I haven't finished that one yet, but going to the Anthropologie site, I saw some other pieces I HAD to have for my own. So I made the blue chambray watch band, and the pearl friendship bracelets like these

and made mine.....

the pearl bracelets are simply Mardi Gras beads and cotton fabric torn into 2 narrow strips all braided together. And I used regular snaps sewn on for the fastener, very easy to put on and take off yourself, especially for a young girl. If you have loose pearls just string them on some stretchy elastic cord made for bracelets.
I made the watch from 2 strips torn from an old printed chambray dress I bought at a yard sale years ago. One wide strip for the bottom, and another wide strip that I tore each end into 2 strips, stopping in the middle and leaving a square the size of the back of the watch. I laid the strip I tore onto the first wide strip, then threaded them through each side of the watch and braided each side. I stopped when each side was long enough, and sewed down the narrow strips and cut them off, leaving the wider strips to tie together as a fastener. You can still change the battery easily. It says they used "distressed" watches...hmm, so that must be like all the ones you buy in that box of junk jewelry at a yard sale or thrift store....looks like the brand name one when finished to me! By the way, they both got approval from several of my relatives :D

So gather some trinkets and start making something quick and easy..

move the dog....and finish what you started :D Uncle Pedro loves to help....but look at that huge square head! He's a good boy...
want to see a few pictures from our weird ice cold weather? it was something like a 5 degree windchill a few mornings, lots of burst pipes under our houses, stayed in the mid 30's during the day with low wind chills....but I went out one morning and took a few photos, then the camera died. I learned the batteries don't like to be that cold, because it works just fine now, lol! here's my collection of old rusty faucets that I have beads hanging out of to look like water drops, and also my bottle tree....and now the weather is warm and muggy again...and I am coughing and sneezing...*sigh*


Crafty Gardener said...

It's a coincidence you are posting about pearl bracelets and watches as I've discovered some old pearls in a box and was going to fashion a bracelet out of them. I've also got an old watch face that still works and I can't find a band to fit, so I was going to make it into some sort of bracelet. I'm off to view the link you posted. Happy crafting.

concretenprimroses said...

Cool post. I don't wear watches 9thank goodness for cell phones, but if I ever want to again, Ill try a fabric band. I'm allergic to metal so the watch back hurts my wrist.

The Japanese Redneck said...

All those crafts wore Uncle Pedro out.

Jill said...

Your bracelets are neat. May have to try that! Thanks for the instructions.