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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valentine Crafts From Martha

* All the patterns and instructions are on Martha Stewart..follow the links!
These are so pretty! You probably made some in Girl Scouts or 4-H....or somewhere back when you were allowed to touch the iron. Just make sure you use lots of paper over these, they melt fast and spread all over. And don't use too many crayon shavings; a little melts a long way :D I used pink, red and white crayons and a cheap pencil sharpener. I also used 2 sheets of aluminum foil, one on top and one on bottom, with paper over that. The ironed wax paper came out shiny and smooth on both sides. They're hanging from fishing line. Funny thing is, I meant to grab the invisible thread and got the fishing line by mistake...huge difference, lol. Check out Martha Stewart's Wax Hearts here.

And these are my version. Very easy...try these with the kids.....or just make them for yourself, a lot of fun :D
Here's another Scherenschnitte I made, and this is also from Martha Stewart here. A little tricky, but try it anyway. Make sure you have sharp blades in your craft knife, and some sharp tiny scissors, manicure size. I used the back side of heavy craft paper for this one.

Yeah, I took the photo with the Valentine laying on my bed.....ooops!

This would be a great gift for any holiday or special occasion. Fill with candy or flowers and give in person or hang on a door to surprise someone. (well, that last thing sounds good, but I'd never accept it if I found it on MY be safe and give it in person :) ) Find Martha's here...and this one is mine.

I'd love to make the heart bookmarks; the heart shaped bon bon box; wrap something in the heart shaped paper; the love knot much I want to do.


A new years resolution? Not really.
Spend more time creating.
Stop spending so much time regretting the past.
Laugh more.
Cry less.
Watch all The Thin Man movies in one day.
Don't talk to people who don't listen....that ship has sailed.
Sleep in my pretty pajamas, not my paint stained sweats.
Don't paint in my pretty pajamas, that's what the sweats are for.
Get out of the house more often.


CiNdEe said...

Great valentines(-:
I love your resolutions too. All good ones!
I don't own any pretty pajamas. I just wear my sweat pant capri style to sleep in(-: Aren't they made for that? LOL(-:

CiNdEe said...
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tea_bag said...

fab resolutions What a wonderful blog you have

The Japanese Redneck said...

I didn't make any. Too hard to keep them anyway.

Kelli said...