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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Desk Set And Using Up Those Paper Scraps

I went to the dollar store and bought an address book, a notepad, a package of 24 pencils, and a small was less than $4. Then I used some leftover tissue paper and a piece of embossed brown packing paper from a set of dishes, some black middy braid, and glue to cover it all up to match. It came out cute, but let me tell you right now, I'll probably never make another matching set! The pencil holder is a cardboard container some cocoa came in. When the glue was put on the packing paper, it made it look like leather. To make the pencils, cut out a piece of scrap paper 1" wide and then however long your pencil is. I did make a lot more pencils for myself, covering those nice good quality pencils you get at the lumber stores or auto parts places. Learn how to make the paper covered pencils at Design Sponge.

I've made a small collection of paper beads...I'd better start doing something with them! The last piece of jewelry I made was a huge ooopsie. My own fault really....I kept trimming off the frayed end...then wound up with just an inch or two too short...bleh! I really hate to unravel it, maybe I can figure out how to salvage it. It's made from brown and gold handmade paper, rolled on toothpicks. To use as spacers, I took some wooden beads that were crocheted onto a scarf I didn't wear anymore; and stirred some of the beads 2 sizes in a tiny puddle of gold paint. Learn to make flowers at How Stuff Works-Flower Power Beads.

So far I've used an old atlas page, several small pieces of handmade paper, and a lightweight piece of scrap booking paper, and some very pretty Washi paper. I'm trying to decide what beads I already have to use with these. The photos show some ideas I had.

I'd like to string these atlas page beads on leather and use these green glass beads with them.

Maybe these larger pink beads with the rose print scrap book paper?

I found some lime green square might look good.....

This is Washi paper, and I used one sheet already. The beads on the wires are just ones I'm getting ready...I used clear nail polish on them :D

This is the one sheet I'm using, and maybe these natural stones?

I've been making origami Lucky Stars when I have a strip of paper leftover. They've been thrown in a jar with the fortunes I get out of my fortune cookies! Learn how to make these here at Folding Trees.

I hope no one minds me linking to them, I'm so tired I don't think I can stay awake anymore tonight :D



The Japanese Redneck said...

That's a cute idea about the fortune's. There have been some that I wanted to keep. (secretly hoping they come true....)

Anonymous said...

You are so crafty. I love seeing all the neat things you make with recycled items. I'm definitely going to make some of the paper beads.