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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reconstructed Clothing-Tell Me What You Know! .....and A Blogger's Huge Give-Away,Pass It On!

ADDED AUGUST 19th,2010- Look at this awesome site my daughter found for me! This young lady is refashioning existing clothing into new updated $1 a day, every day for a year! I haven't even looked at all of them yet....but I surely will :D

Check it out, get some inspiration and tips :D
Marisa at A New Dress A Day. 365 Days. 365 New Outfits. 365 Dollars.

added March 6,2010--cap and capelet made from beige sweater embellished with burned fabric flowers. cap made from Disney's tutorial as guest on 30 handmade days; link follows below. I used a large plate to cut a circle for the top of the cap, and the turtleneck from the sweater as the hatband, embellished with burned fabric flowers.

and a girl's striped cotton sweater turned into a capelet

this is the capelet. I cut the bottom band off and cut the sweater off right under the arm holes. Then I used the zig=zag stitch on my sewing machine and stretched the sweater as I zig-zag stitched the edges. I did the same on the beige one. This one is embellished with a turquoise flower cut from leftover sweater scraps.

okay...I'm looking for ideas here for some clothing. I had lots of things folded, but such a cold winter here down south the mice came in and just made themselves at home! Imagine how sad/mad I was when I saw the mice had chewed up more than the doilies and dresser scarves......they also ate tiny holes in the fold lines down the fronts of some of my t-shirts, and Hoss' favorite cotton other articles of clothing. With that in mind.......and the fact that I watched quite a few episodes of a TV show where student designers took various pieces of clothing from someone's closet and ripped the seams and put them all back together in ways I never even thought of!....dresses into shirts or skirts; skirts into shirts; pants into skirts;sweaters into jackets.........and I have gone through post after post of Disney's blog Ruffles and Stuff ; I'd love for ya'll to tell me about some sites that will show me how to make a t-shirt into a tunic, or a shirt into a tank top.........just add some links in the comments or tell us how to get to your blog or site to see what you've done! I've got a lot to work with, and I can't wait to see what I can come up with and save money on!

Have Fun,

added...........links kindly sent in by our friends! Lots of useful tutorials and examples of how/what to do :D
you'll want to check for links within these links,too!

Several links with tutorials here.

Some more links here.

here...Tea Rose Home...

here at Wardrobe Refashion......

here at Heidi and Seek... in fact, the first outfit I want to tackle is inspired by her tan polo/mens button down shirt refashion!

Hankie Babies site here....made from childrens tee-shirts and old embroidered dresser scarves, tea towels, vintage,so cute and sweet!

check Flickr here.......for Heidi and Seek's portfolio of restructed clothing

I must also add the singlet shopping bag...made like a plastic grocery bag....tutorial at Craftster here. I blogged about these in an earlier post and made quite a few of these. Great bag!!

speaking of is 214 pages (WOW!!) of tutorials/ideas for!!

I hope no one minds me linking to them!
The pups are eating the furniture and each other.......

have fun,

idea for denim jeans-into-skirt here

check out Instructables here for many different deconstruct/reconstruct/refashion how-to's


I found this site this made from recycled cassette tapes, convertible car toppers, glass......rusty nails!! Wearable art from Recycle Runway..


a few things I found helpful....

a FREE pattern making software program you can download here at Wild already has patterns in it that you can resize, such as sun hats, newsboy caps, slippers, all kinds of purses and totes, all kinds of clothing...just put in the measurements and it will come up with the right size pattern!!

here is a great site......I can't believe I never knew this method....but if you have short legs, or you're buying jeans at yard sales, and need to shorten them, THIS is how to do it professionally and make them look like they were bought that way! you can even hem them by hand this way..tutorial at Dacia Ray.....and some other handy tutorials, as well.

a tutorial for making a cascading rosettes t-shirt from 2 like tees. but i'm thinking of using a nice tee and then cutting the bleached stained ones into the rosettes! you can find plenty of 2-for-$5 tee shirts, or the $5 tees. nice and affordable! here at Hope Studios the way, I love their crafting day; they call it Estrogen Replenishing Day!


check out ReFashion here, they have lots of tutorials, plenty of ideas :D

leg warmers from an old sweater here at Fireflies and Jellybeans

cute cap from an old sweater here at 30 Handmade Days

shrug/capelet made from old sweater here at Oh So Crafty and the tutorial at Made By Lex here


concretenprimroses said...

Well, when you figure it out I definitely want to know!

The Japanese Redneck said...

I don't know any sites. Looks like there's a lot of possibilities on that site.

But, you can make long sleeves into short sleeves.
Add appliques or decorations to cover holes.
Use the fabric to make stuffed animals, doll clothes or patchwork quilts.

Show us what you come up with!

Kelli said...

I Love Disney's site too! Another one I follow is Tea Rose Home ( There are a few others but mostly the re purposing posts I find are for kids and not adults. If you find a good Adult focused site I'd love to know it!


concretenprimroses said...

Here's a link to a blog post making an adorable little girls dress from a junior t shirt and using another discarded t shirt to make ruffles.

'Course I want to know how to make it for me!

Kelli said...

I just stumbled on a refashion blog and immediately thought of this post. It's mainly adult clothes instead of focusing on children.

Jean Tuthill said...

I don't know any sites, but I'm going to check out the Disney one. I just made an apron out of some old curtains and I'll be showing that on my site soon. It came out really cute. I'm sure you'll figure it all out, you are so creative.

Kudzu said...

thanks ya'll for all the info! i added some links to this post, so i can keep all this info in one place. as i find more, they'll all be added here,too!

wow, wish i knew how to put together my serger and how to use it!

thanks again!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Thanks for the shout out! I hope you have fun reinventing your t-shirts :)