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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Sock...No, Not A Monkey!...A Sock Necklace..Anthropologie Inspired!

This necklace above is from Anthropologie...

Ever since I saw this necklace a few weeks ago, I thought 'wow,those silver/gray roses remind me of something!'......but I just could NOT think of what.....until the day before yesterday.

Oh my goodness, it's those gray hospital socks my husband had to wear when he had open heart surgery. They were always checking to see if his feet were cold, and bringing in more packages of those medi-socks! They changed them a couple or three times a day, and I brought home a LOT of them, plus unopened packages, and he never wore them again, LOL! So I cut up one of the socks into strips and rolled them into rose shaped buds..........used a little gray seam binding I already had.......

and I took the roses outside to be spray painted silver. Then I hot glued them onto the seam binding. The neck ribbon ties in the back.

Now, I want to say this is an oopsie,lol! The next time I do this, I'll remember to pinch my seam binding in the center, into sort of a "V"....because I meant for it to drape like a bib necklace. Instead, it came out more like a choker :D You'll do so much better when you make your own!


I started a bib necklace a few days ago, and got lots of it hand-sewn. But it's just disappeared...which has been happening to me a lot lately! I'm pretty sure those silly puppies have a lot to do with it.....but then again, you'd think I'd find pieces parts at least! It's made from some burgandy cotton crocheted doily, a rectangle shape, that I got for the kind you buy at Dollar Tree. I cut 2 corners off just to make a bib necklace out of one! I'd already sewn it to some sheer black fabric, and sewn on 2 sheer black neck ties. I'd sewn down 3 sides and got too sleepy to do any more that night. Well, until I find it, I'll save the black beads I want to embellish it with.

The same thing happened a day before that. I'd found this sweet blog, Ruffles and Stuff by a nice lady named Disney. I was so excited; I had everything I needed, and was pretty much all at my fingertips! I had the perfect pearl button cover for this necklace's focal point. So I plugged in the glue gun, set everything out to photograph before pics; then made my brown bow and glued the doily and the bow to the necklace. But, where's the pearl button cover? I looked everywhere! I even went to the puppy's hidey-holes to see if they drug it off to chew on; and looked under my bed with the flashlight!

So, I refused to finish it until I find that one single pearl button cover that I'd finally found the perfect use for :D
Here's how far I'd gotten.....who knows; maybe I'll find something else to use instead?

have fun!


The Japanese Redneck said...

They're both cute. You have so much talent. Luv the recycling too!

Nora said...

OMG Kudzu - these are great... Thanks for sharing.. I will be putting this on my to do list...

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