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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crochet! A Crochet Fabric and Pearl Bracelet and a Crocheted Bowl

Remember the pearl and fabric bracelets I made?? This is the same thing, except you will use one strip of fabric and your crochet hook. Just single crochet from beginning to end! I tied the 2 loose ends together.

make it a little tighter than this to look like the one I made.

Check out the sweet little crocheted doily bowl...made from old and worn out doilies. I used a machine made new one for my first attempt and it came out really nice! The link to the tutorial is on Design go to her site and find it :D

I used lots of aluminum foil to cover the bottom of this bowl, then covered the foil with plastic wrap. after I soaked the doily in liquid starch, I laid it out over the bottom of the bowl, trying to smooth and even it out. When it dries, spray with a sealer and let it dry. Use a few coats inside and out. Here it is with some soap I made.....cucumber/melon; and some bath salts. I washed a glass jar and lid, painted the lid with red oxide primer, and left it looking rusty. Then I printed out a free image of a label and glued it on....looks like it was a tiny bit too large!

poor Wanda...she's too tiny! and she has no idea she's bein' picked on! I took the piece of ribbon from her and stuck it on her head with double sided tape. Looky looky....she's chosen the pearls...way to be Miss Wanda!

I have more crafts half made!!!......I just haven't had the energy to do a thing. I was almost asleep one night when I realized I had this pain in my lower right shoulder blade, in the back. Every time I tried to breathe in deeply, I got a sharp pain in that particular spot. A couple days later it hadn't gone away, and so when I woke up one morning I called out for my daughter. I told her I thought maybe I had a collapsed lung, so she looked up the symptoms trying to find out what it might be. So I went to the hospital once again. Seems the bronchitis I got for the whole past year(and this year) damaged my chest wall by weakening the muscles........from all the horrible non-stop coughing! They gave me two Lortab 7.5's and told me to rest-rest-rest and housework of any kind, nothing to make me breathe hard, and continue taking Lortab every 4 hours until the pain is completely gone. And to come back to the ER if it doesn't stop after a few days or was worse the next morning. I already sleep all the he said "sleep some more". "get more rest".. Nothing wrong with my liver or stomach( 2 other possibilities the doctor looked for. EKG was ok. Blood pressure was sky high, but he felt that was due to the pain, because I had no fever, all lab work came back good.
My daughter said "mom, you know you're not young have to start taking it easy at your age"...ack! my own daughter-precious-precious-sweet-baby-girl. Did I mention I just had a birthday at the end of January...and I'm now 51 years OLD......

have fun!


Anonymous said...

That bracelet is so cute. I love to crochet and craft and this is a neat way to combine the two.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Happy late b'day. Sorry you feel bad.

Your projects turned out great.

Get to feeling better soon.