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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowed In? Think Spring!

I saw this on knew today was the perfect day to make it! So if you have your new seeds or your seeds from last year...all you're going to need is a newspaper, some flour/paste you make ( I used school glue) and maybe some lace or bias tape...or newspaper flowers! I wish I had ink in the printer, I would've printed out the planting instructions, but I did the next best thing; I cut a circle out of the directions on the package of my purchased seeds and taped it to the bottom. Then I tied a simple bow from some vintage seam tape.

I used the classified section and cut out strips the width of the columns!

Glue down the seeds as far apart as you would be planting them.

Just keep gluing strips of paper together to make it longer. Then use another strip on top. I kept going til I used up a whole package of seeds.

I glued the end down with a small drop of glue, and held it with a paper clip til it dried.

There it is...all ready to give! Next time I'll try much harder to finish the gift prettier.
Thanks again for the wonderful idea!

have fun!

yes, they LOOK sweet and innocent.....but ARE they? are they REALLY? what is it now? 6 weeks old? 7 weeks old? old enough to get jobs and move out??? I wash a load of laundry just for the pups every day. The little pee-pots! where are they finding all the clean single socks from? that magical mysterious place single socks go to? Have the pups found that place? They sure can find used dryer sheets,too. They pee on the socks, they pee on the dryer sheets. And lose half-chewed puppy chews. Those things are cold,wet and squishy, and stick to the bottom of your sock-feet. But today I heard a strange sound coming from their "cave"( a storage bin laid on its side stuck in the leg space of the roll top desk) and also heard little happy puppy barks..I knew they were MUCH too happy; MUCH too excited, so I ran to investigate. This is what I found....the boxes my old amethyst reproduction glass came in; I wasn't throwing it away....I had thrown it in a corner though. They'd drug one of the goblet boxes to the pup-cave and were snapping the bubble wrap with their puppy fangs. It was great fun til I snatched it away!


You know who ever gets the baby buys the next King no one has gotten this baby yet! Sorry this photo is so bright.

Some Mardi Gras booty! Notice no panties, no moon pies, no coconuts, no cabbages! This is from a day parade. Those snake looking things are noise makers, the round coins (3 gold and 1 wooden) are doubloons, the large crown is the pendant on a bead; it lights up.

Let the good times roll!!


CiNdEe said...

Awwww those puppies are so cute(-: And funny too!!!(-: Love the Mardi Gras pictures too!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Cute and bad at the same time!

Crafty Gardener said...

wondering about the white glue on the seeds ... will it most likely wash away when the ground is watered?

AmberLee said...

the tape turned out beautifully. and i like it tied with a bow. simple and lovely.

you have some adorable pups. hang in there with the laundry!

Kudzu said...

thanks so much, ya'll! the puppies are a huge handful...i have a long hallway, and wooden floors; i'll ask 'what are you doin'??'..and it sounds like a herd of elephants. because they sneak off to my bedroom and are pulling off that gray fabric stuff that is stapled to the boxsprings....

the white school glue is washable. i've had my grandson spill koolaid plenty of times on our projects and it sure washes away the glue quick!

thanks for reading my blog:D


Jenny said...

I am in love with this idea.

Oh thank you, thank you!