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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Clay Pot Lighthouse For Kids To Make-Grandmas, Too!

This took longer to post than expected. I made it a few weeks ago and always forgot to take photos. article in the paper was all about the Biloxi Lighthouse and I thought "oh, I'll make another one..all white, like Biloxi's!" okay, I got lazy, or distracted or lazy and distracted :D. Ya'll know I can't stay focused anymore!
Tonight I walked out in the dark..where the "Skatchskwatch" lives....(my grandson insists it does..and it may very well live out there! lol...and he also informed me "Skatchskwatch is a "carnivore") and I moved that lighthouse over by the porch and got those photos!

Here's mine, and I got the idea from CraftIdeas.Info . They have great ideas there...I'm also making the dragonfly!

Here it is, 3 graduated sizes, and a solar light from the dollar store.
The lights are only $2.50 each, plastic...they work great. I took the light off the stake and slipped it in the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. There are 3 graduated sizes of clay pots and another clay pot on top; I have a few of these with an embossed design in them that worked great for the top. I used ordinary acrylic paints and finished with a clear spray.

here it is with the flash off.


The JR said...

Oh it turned out cute. I'm glad I've never seen that Skatchskwatch!

AngelMc said...

that is sooo cute. i love it!!!