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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silverware Windchimes

I needed to go ahead and finish these, since I'm taking them to a sale this week-end. It's that time of year,lol...the annual community yard sale in the rural county.

small tray painted pink, glass beads, spoons and forks flattened with a ball peen hammer on a block of wood, and a sweet little saucer with roses and gold trim.

small tray, soup spoons, assorted glass beads, porcelain flowers glued to tray,a vintage glass chandelier prism in the center.

made with 2 forks wired together, spoons and glass beads.

small silver shell tray, glass beads, spoons, vintage chandelier glass prism

old tray,forks with handles cut off,glass and shell beads, porcelain flower.



It felt like I was being watched while taking these might have been "Skatchskwatch".


The Japanese Redneck said...

Very pretty. Good luck at the sale.

Vintage Christine said...

Thank you sooooo much for the inspiration--I recently bought an entire set of silverplate just to get the vintage silverware box holding them. In the back of my mind was a vague thought on using the pieces for windchimes but didn't know exactly where to start. Now I do! Your azaleas are beautiful--my entire yard is ablaze with pinks, reds and whites and I think the camellias are ready for their third or fourth bloom.

Jinx in the Garden said...

I just found your site via gardenweb. I love all the crafts you do!

Kymberly said...

You've really inspired me today!What a charming wind chime! I would love to make one for myself! I love the sound of chimes on a warm summer night!! So peaceful! I'm coming back for instructions!

Thanks for putting my blog site on your sidebar! YOU really made my day--and put a smile on my face!! I just changed my background and buttons so if you'd like to have the latest one ,,,let me know! Have a great week!!
Big Hugs,

nblackthorn said...

Wow, some great home improvement going on here, keep up the good work! Me and my husband have recently got a new set of wind chimes , keep up the great posts! xx