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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kitchen Ware Wind Chime-Fifth Disease

These aren't vintage or antique, just some I picked up at yard sales. I didn't think it would sound as pretty as the silver plate spoons and forks, but it really does! I nailed holes in it with hammer and nail, and then used fishing line and sinkers as crimping beads.

out on the tree with my other tin treasures..a cat chasing a bird:D

my little baby man.....home for 3 days with Fifth Disease.

his starts off with headache, and fever. and in his case the light hurts his eyes. they also call this slap-face disease because of the rash that begins on the face. it looks just like it sounds!

his legs..the rash showed up later here, and just began on the outside of his calves. it's further around his legs now, looks like a ring around his ankles.

his arms.....after the rash shows on the face, it starts on the forearms. the rash is a lacy looking bright red rash under the skin. his rash here is now further up his arms. he still doesn't have the rash on his trunk yet. this is very contagious but once you see the symptoms the incubation period is over and you never knew they were contagious.

he feels much much better!



Kelli said...

I love the windchimes! I need more in my yard too, they always sound so happy when they tinkle in the wind :)
I had fifths disease when I was little, I only remember because I was in the fifth grade at the time. I remember looking at the lacey rash and thinking it looked so pretty.
Hope your grandson is feeling better today!

~Kelli @ Smidgen's

The Japanese Redneck said...

I thought I could see a wind chime coming.

Glad he's feeling better. Cute little one.

Kudzu said...

thanks ya'll!

oh,yeah it was a dead give-away! lolol go make a windchime!

poor baby man goes back to school tomorrow...the rash has now disappeared from the forearms and calves but it's moved to his wrists and top of his hands, and from sides of calves to around the ankles and tops of his feet. and from on his cheeks down to his chin and under his chin.

vintagesue said...

my daughter had the same thing. she had tons of yucky white spots in her mouth. it was agony for both of us. hope your lil man is feeling better.