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Thursday, April 22, 2010

National Apron Day Is May 10-Wear An Apron All Day!

Check out the old ad I found when I was going through photographs. Layaway the watch for .25 cents down and .25 cents a week, price is $ And I bet it was a very good watch,too. This is an ad from our local paper......I forgot the date.....late '50s? early 60's?
The day after Mother's Day is National Apron guess what will make a great gift???? Give up???? You guessed apron! Anybody out there wear aprons anymore? I do. I bought a vintage pattern years ago and made a lot of aprons as Christmas gifts out of vintage fabric from the same yard sale. For myself, I made 2 different aprons, and the one I wear all the time is one that fully covers the front and back and ties on each side. Now it's a little (a LOT) stained from paint and silicone and rust and grease and butter and ....well, I'm not quite sure what some of those stains are!...but it's time for a new one just like it. The other one never gets worn, even though it's a great apron, but I should pass it along to someone who wears one,too. So I'm going through some of my saved fabrics and find some that works and make at least one. I have to now, I put it in writing! Not only that, I finished up some other sewing like hemming long sleeves into short sleeves, finished satin-stitching roses to a denim jeans skirt for my grandaughter, began satin stitching the vintage tie skirt.....just so I could start a new project without much guilt (from sitting in a cluttered messy house while I make bigger messes :D )

When I was in Brownie Scouts I made a black and white gingham apron with the cross stitch on the hem and pocket......there's a name for that stitching but I forget right this second...and I have that apron still.

With Apron Day in mind, I found some links for apron patterns in case I motivated anyone.

1. Here at TipNut is 51 free apron patterns! PLUS...scroll down and find even more free patterns :D

2. BellaOnline The Voice of Women.....links to patterns

3. Craft Sew........links to patterns...

4. Calamity Kim.....aprons aprons aprons!

5. for 39 aprons, with photos! some of these aprons are from the above links, but I list it because it has photos of the aprons and maybe some others. And there's posts on 45 bags, 48 skirts....and more.
Remember to check all these sites for other great ideas and patterns!

from my old garden......i didn't plant much this year...


The Japanese Redneck said...

wow, and I bet .25 seemed like a fortune in that time

Kudzu said...

i know..just imagine! lol