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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weeds Are Pretty,Too-Salt Shaker Vases;Cheesecake And Stuffed Jalapenos

I picked some tiny flower and weeds today, and used some old salt shakers as vases. These are use the lid as a frog :D If the holes are too small, make them bigger with a little nail and a hammer. Perfect if you don't have much table space or for your kitchen window. The weeds are in the tallest shaker; honeysuckle..oh,it smells so good! The kids love to pick a handful and sip the nectar :D and the other ones, the ones that look like tiny daisies...are fleabane. In the little square shaker is Nemesia...not a weed but an annual I bought off the clearance rack, it sure perked up and I've already divided it! I just picked some this evening, pinching them makes them spread out more. And look at those perky little bunny shaped blossoms! Those came off of a Strawberry Begonia Twin got me for our birthday one year. Turn the flower upside down and it looks like two big rabbit ears and cheeks and a nose :D


Look at these goodies........Sausage and Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos my daughter made. She had some at her friends house and just loved did ...

Sausage Stuffed Jalapenos

1 8oz. package cream cheese,softened
1 1lb. roll of your favorite ground sausage
about 8 jalapeno peppers
1 pkg. pre-cooked bacon slices-heated and cut in 2"-3" pieces

Cut the tops off the peppers and cut in half length-wise and clean out seeds. WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!! before you touch your face or anything else. Wash the peppers in cold water, and arrange on cookie sheet. WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!lol......seriously, some of you know what I mean,too! It will burn and/or hurt, even leave blisters in some cases...and after saying all that, I want you to know these will NOT taste hot and spicy! Now, brown the ground sausage (I like Jimmy Dean, but I'll buy what's on sale or I have a coupon for!) Drain on paper...and I like to "wash" my browned meat under hot running water to remove more grease, and rinse the pan in hot water,too. Put the sausage back in the pan, and add the cream cheese and blend together til mixed well. Spoon into your pepper may have some sausage/cream cheese's good as a spread on crackers! Place 2 pieces of bacon on top of each pepper..WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!.....once they're cooked, they're not going to burn your skin...... Bake in 325 degree oven for 15 minutes....we sometimes bake them for 25 minutes :D................these are so good, better make plenty!
Now eat them!!


Twin made a cheesecake from scratch! It took forever, but it was SO GOOD! I don't have the recipe right now, it came out of a magazine she has.

Look at all those fresh strawberries and home-made glaze:D


and really........that says it all.


The Japanese Redneck said...

We love stuffed jalepeno peppers. Homemade cheesecake is to die for. My hubby makes a mean one!

Kelli said...

Love the quote on your chalkboard!