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Monday, April 19, 2010

Quick Project-Chalkboard

cherokee rose

A couple years ago I bought a nice old wooden frame at a yard sale; you could tell it was hand made and the older lady told me her father had made it many years ago. When I got it home I made a tutorial on how to use school glue to crackle paint, and intended to mosaic part of it, but i never glued anything down and i just found it again and pulled it out. I also had a yard sale chalkboard put up, and when I saw it, I decided I'd put the two together and get some "useless junk" out of the way. It was a close fit, I only had to trim a little bit with a razor knife, then I glued it in place. Don't you think it'll be great hanging where I can see it, and keep changing quotes on it from time to time? Since there was a topic started on Junk Revolution forums about odd sayings, I chose one that made me it is :D

I hung a tag on it,too, that I made last year from a Formica sample...that's about Dorothy.

check out my talented accomplished brother-in-law David Brownstead HERE at his gallery!


Still recovering from the yard sale; it wore me out and I can't believe how hot it is already! And last night my grandson slept with me and didn't go to sleep til 1:30 am...he said his head hurt <---here ..and --->here...and his eyes hurt. He'd say "let me see your hand, Meme" then he'd see if my hand was cool and he'd flop my hand over his forehead and over his eyelids, then say "now your hand is too hot, can't you cool it off?" poor baby. So this went on for a while, and he'd say "Meme, my ear is hot way down" and I'd ask him "do you have an earache?" and he'd say "no, no it doesn't HURT, it's just too HOT". Well, he did have a fever, and I thought maybe it's his molars again. He woke up fine, and went to school, but when he came home he said "Meme, my ear is still too hot way down", and his face was bright red, so were his ears. I asked him to show me the mosquito bite he got yesterday(which was a huge baseball sized knot last night) and when he lifted his arm I was shocked; not because of the bite, it was gone, but because he had a rash from his elbow to his wrist! This wasn't on his other arm..until a little while later. It looked like someone had slapped him around! Over to Twin's house to discuss what it could be, and she said it sounded like that slapped-face disease...we couldn't think of it....onto the computer......and wow.. all the signs of Fifth's Disease. Called my daughter to tell her, and by the time she came home, he had a rash on his legs,too. To the emergency room. She tells the Dr. "my mom said she looked it up and it sounds like Fifth's disease" and the Dr. had never seen a case before, so he was consulting the computer (:D ) and comparing the photo of the rash to my grandson's arm..Yep..that's exactly what it is. No school for 3 days, it's very contagious, but sort of like chicken pox...once you have the symptoms, you've already had the virus and been contagious. It has an incubation period of 4 to 14 days. Very dangerous for unborn babies and pregnant women,too. My daughter is 5 months pregnant.
more photos

orange azalea

mountain laurel

this is the trunk of the mountain laurel "tree", yeah, it's pretty old and gnarly.

right over on the left is a chinquapin that has endured many hurricanes, and that's why it's branches are all twisted and growing low to the ground like that. it's the entrance to my grandson's "boys clubhouse"..



Marge said...

Oh my gosh. Poor little grandson. I hope all is well soon and no one else catches the bug. Take care!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Never heard of it. Wishing your grandbaby gets well soon.

Like your chalkboard frame.

Take care,

Kudzu said...

thanks ya'll. he seems much better today, although the rash has deepened and is brighter red, like boiled crawfish. it's exactly like the description of symptoms...a lacy red rash. and the rash is now on both legs, from knee to ankle, on the outside of his calves. it's not a raised rash, it's under the skin.

i think they call it Fifth Disease because it's the 5th one you'll catch after measles, chicken pox, mumps..all those that those of us old enough used to catch!
oh, and my daughter took the letter from the doctor to school this morning, and to tell them he had something contagious...and they said "oh we know..the kindergarten has it"......well huh....nobody tells us anything! the school said they can't send a note home every time a child gets sick.