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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Those Tin Bird Feeders..Finished Two!

Left home alone today, I got out hammer,nails,spikes, hole punches........and I finished two of them. One is on an aluminum pie plate and an animal cracker tin, and is bolted together on the bottom. It's for setting on a flat surface,at least for now. I didn't get these holes big enough, but if the birds do eat it, I'll fix it later.,

I bolted the lid to the bottom of the can, along with a chain for hanging. There's a hole in the lid large enough for the chain to go through. Just lift the lid when you need to refill with bird seed.
You can see the top in this view.

Here's a view from the side, you can see the old lid and the chain.

Another view...I noticed my tin cardinal is going to be the first to try it out! He better watch out for the tin cat..........

Go make some!



The Japanese Redneck said...

I luv the old tins.

AngelMc said... make some of the coolest the bird feeders and also love the wind chimes...very very cool.

Kudzu said...

well thanks, ya'll! i was about to put these in a yard sale!
if you want to use any outside,be sure to seal them with something :D