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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage Doorknob Photo Holders

Aren't they cute?
Just use a sturdy wire and start twisting. I added beads on the tips of the wire so I won't tear a hole in the photo or postcard. For the plain knob I used a dab of silicone inside and set the wires in it. The other is just twisted around the spindle thing. Easy easy!

awwwww......a 'credit card' my son made me when he was a tot out of a card from a new wallet; and that's him in the green hat on the toy phone; my daughter in her hat sitting in a chair holding an old old doll.

a notice about a public event; a Biloxi postcard featuring shrimp boats; and a vintage post card of Paradise Point in Pass Christian, Mississippi...(the Pass)

my son and daughter all dressed up for Easter

my son in the backyard about 1979

my son in the front yard about 1979

me, my granddaughter and my niece in the front yard about 2002



concretenprimroses said...

Another cool idea!
Love the pics, and my you have beautiful rhododendrons!

Kelli said...

LOVING the door knob photo holders and totally borrowing the idea for a gift for my mother!

Kudzu said...

thank you both!

those azaleas are Formosa, and since they're so mature, they're about 15'-20' tall. we go round and round with the power company sneaking in and spraying poison on them, or driving by and sawing them i've chased off too many people lopping of boughs and boughs of them....

glad you enjoyed them.....and if they ever bloom this odd they haven't!...i'll take new photos..