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Monday, April 5, 2010

More Ghosts of Easter.....Enjoy The Photos!; and I Won An Award From Nigea....Thank You!

These are more Easter or Easter-time photos from the family photo album(um, the plastic box under my bed!)
Let's see what we have here...

Me and Twin in front looks like an Easter photo..but Feb?

oh, God........groovy-licious! I think those tights are yellow if memory serves me correctly! Don't hate!! lololol

My daughter at age 3, back when she wore dresses....GIRLY dresses and let me french braid her hair :D my little sugar-pot ......awwwww

I wanted to share this photo even though I'm not sure when it was taken.........because I found a photo of my son and nephew in just about the same sad that my nephew's face has water damage.....I cried when I found this photo :D The older photo is me on the left, Twin on the right. The photo of our children is my son on the left, and her son on the right. Look at my sugar-pot's cowboy boots! I'm going to have to put lots of these in image editing......cross your fingers!

my mother with azaleas in the front yard one Easter..

me and Twin in red coats and hats......not Easter but since we have the hats

me and Twin in the same red coats.......awwwwww

my Granddaughter one year about a week before Easter, wearing a daisy chain wreath I made her little lamb-y-pie! Yeah, it's kinda torn up because she kept ripping it off, but someone finally held her down while we got this photo :D awwwwww

my son and grandson #1 Easter egg hunting!

Easter that same year.....some of us sat still for a photo! me in the pink with my dog Butch..


All the way from Paris, France comes the Ms. Bright Side Award given to me by Nigea at Marie's Freebies! Thank You So Much.....I'm honored :D As I accept this award, I'm to tell you

10 Things That Make Me Happy
1. my daughter
2. my 3 grandchildren
3. my dogs
4. days when my fingers don't hurt :D
5. sewing
6. crafting my junk
7. collecting my junk
8. reading
9. early spring
10. yard sales
It doesn't take much, does it? lol

5 Trivia Facts About Me
1. I have a twin sister
2. I'm getting shorter.....and wider
3. I'm 51 years old.......I mean.....37
4. Sometimes I have brown hair, and sometimes I have red hair
5. I have my own power tools
LOL........very trivial! and not ENOUGH power tools :D

And pass this along to 5 other bloggers
....well, here I feel I should pass it along to my 62 followers! You all deserve it, too, and I want you to take it and display it on your blog and play along if you choose to! Especially if you read this really DO deserve it LOL!

oh,I found more photos!

Twin,me and our Daddy

me,Mama,Twin, and Mama holding younger sis, and the last bun is in the youngest sister

oh,look! a very Brady Easter........lolol

my baby girl in her Easter bonnet 1983