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Sunday, April 4, 2010

From The Photo Album-Ghosts of Easter Past! In Our Easter Bonnets

Well, it's not really a photo album; it's more like a photo box. Or, exactly like a huge plastic gift wrap storage box stuffed with photos that I keep under my bed.

Most of these are photos of Twin and me, but some are of different relatives,too.

I think we're age 8 here....

Me and Twin at age 11. This is the Easter after Hurricane Camille which hit in August 1969. I see gloves..where's the bonnet? Maybe we were too old....

a Pixy Portrait of me in my Easter outfit.

And the same Easter at my Granny and Grandpa's in the country. Maybe age 4....that's my Grandpa and my holding the ...gladiola? flower..

Easter 1962 Pixy Portrait.........

and in our front yard that same Easter. We're age 3.

have fun!


The Japanese Redneck said...

My sister and I are 14 months apart, but we were always accused of being twins.

Neat pictures. We have only one where we are dressed in Easter outfits.

Vintage Christine said...

Love those old hat and glove Easter pics--wish I could find more of mine but I think they're all up in Dad's attic. You went through Camille? Where y'at, girlfriend?

Kudzu said...

hey ya'll!
oh, i've got 2 younger sisters both redheads, and everyone knew there were twins and thought they were them!
we're outside the biloxi/gulfport area in mississippi, and we drove around after. i remember being terrified of the broken and crumbled concrete of highway 90/beach boulevard and all the ships and boats and tugs all over the place. oh, and those huge rolls of paper?? daddy said......those are the jolly green giant's toilet paper!! again,i heard the talk about the dead bodies laying around and i was afraid to see one...that was a LONG time with no electricity!
where y'at christine? hehe