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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Sweetness

I'm disappointed that I only have a few azaleas blooming; but the timing hasn't been right in years! Usually they'll bloom before Easter Sunday, then it rains and they turn to brown mush. This year, they've only just begun to bloom, so I only got this one bouquet picked. It's so pretty and happy to have an Easter egg hunt with tons of azaleas in every shade of pink there is :D (have you ever run over an Easter egg with a lawnmower in June? I have! so hard to keep count of real eggs.....but that's what happens when young kids and old grandma's hide the eggs.)

I threw a quilt over the sofa and set these on the coffee table for the's a store-bought'n quilt...and I got it at a yard sale for $1. Naturally, I snatched it up and had Hoss carry it around while I finished's like new! I can imagine some poor little 5 year old in a cardboard hut somewhere going blind stitching 18 hours a day to earn a few pennies and some powdered milk.........SIGH

This is an old metal candy tin I found for .50 cents at a yard sale a couple years ago. And not long ago I saw someone make a sweet vignette on Junk Revolution using an old tin and knew that was what I should do with mine. In this photo I have some tea stained hymnal pages I ran through my paper shredder (a yard sale find for $1....I knew I'd NEED that paper shredder one day!) I walked out to the front yard and yanked off a bouquet of smells so spicy sweet...I think it looks sweet,too, lying in this candy box. ( a "funny" thing happened while I was looking for my camera; I felt hot stings on my legs, then my neck and head!......."ow,ow,*dirty-word*ow"......stings on my belly,toes,fingers........what the hell???
Fire ants! I thought they just fell out of the trees and landed on me (it happens) I go about setting up the candy tin to snap a picture of the wisteria in it; I picked it up off the dining table where I'd laid it and there's another 100 fire-ants underneath it! What the hell? (again) The slender branch of wisteria was hollowed out for a warm dry place for them to live in!! The first thing I think of is "ooooooh, I wonder if this means lots of rain and flooding? They'll come inside your house, and that's a pretty good hint you're in for some really REALLY wet weather. But inside a branch that high off the ground? How....odd.

This is the candy tin with a bunny and carrots, some silk violets, and an old pair of girls gloves.... a little wooden fence I picked up at a yard sale....I had a few other things I wanted to do with this, but didn't count on the fire-ant attack, so I was a teensy bit annoyed and I know I shouldn't have waited til the last second anyway. But it's still sweet....
uhhh.........did I tell you about the day I found this candy tin? Well.......take the journey with me! We started off in our own neighborhood and it was about the 4th sale we hit. It caught my eye, and I paid for it, set it on the backseat, and then we took off....driving all over the county.....with the sweet little metal candy tin nestled among our treasures. We get home and bring in all our stuff, and of course I have to look at and enjoy each object one at a time. I get to this candy tin and open the lid and.....there's something in it. Dried up brownish green clumps that look......and smell.......vaguely familiar. "Well,huh" I say to myself, "what's thi..........O--M--G....Hoss,Hoss; Lagniappe!" lol But then it hits me "Oh*dirty word* Hoss...YOU'VE been driving around all day with "stuff" in the truck. What would YOU have done if a cop pulled us over??? YOU gonna say "but officer, I bought it at a yard sale over by the DAYCARE???" LOLOLOLOL Ah, it's funny NOW....

Awww,Easter cupcakes. We made 4 dozen. I used the idea I saw when I was looking on Kraft recipes. Check out the Flower Power cupcakes using marshmallows cut with scissors and dipped in sugar for your decorations. Sweet!

These are frosted with homemade buttercream frosting, and has dyed green coconut on top, followed by regular marshmallows that I cut with scissors and dipped into pink sugar; the center is a mini marshmallow cut in half and dipped in bright yellow decoration.Sweet! Isn't that CUTE? perfect for a shower,too.

Gorgeous! made with regular marshmallow dipped into sugar. Very,very sweet!

Have fun!


Amanda said...

Funny post, pretty vignettes! I laughed out loud at your lagniappe story. :) Have a blessed Easter!

The Japanese Redneck said...

I'm glad he didn't get pulled over!