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Friday, April 2, 2010

Wardrobe Refashion-An Old Pink Tee With Ruffles; and Photos of Spring

I've had this sweet pink 3/4 sleeve tee for a while, and the embroidery on the front shrank a little at a time til I couldn't stand it. So I took part of a peasant blouse I'd begun to make and never finished and cut strips out to replace the embroidery. Simple. All I did was cut out the old embroidery panel then rip some strips of the scrap fabric and sew them together end to end, then baste stitched down the center of the strips and gathered them and began to pin it down. I was very much inspired by Disney at Ruffles and Stuff ,check out her site and you'll find several refashion projects :D

this is the shirt before I cut the embroidery off, and that's the fabric , part of a peasant blouse.

I cut the top layer of fabric with the embroidery and trimmed it down like this.

Here it is all finished with raw edged fabric strips. I think I'll wear it for Easter Sunday.
It's very,very soft and lightweight, and looks really cute....too bad no one is around to take a photo of me wearing it !!! lol....but if I get one taken, I'll post it!

I have a yellow tank top with white trim I bought on clearance at the dollar store; I think it was $2 or $3. It used to be trimmed in rhinestones, but when I washed it to remove the sizing...and never wore it!!....the rhinestones promptly fell off in the wash :D I was thinking of how to change it, when I noticed the white curtain sheers.......lots of fabric!...and thought of those swirly tulip type sleeves,and some cut-outs from floral lace curtains to add to it...also an idea seen at Ruffles and Stuff...yay! I hope to get to that soon. I've made a few other projects but not quite totally finished on them. For instance, I used my nieces old jeans to make my granddaughter a skirt. The skirt is all sewn up, I added some cotton eyelet to the hem and front pockets , but I haven't added the torn rose fabric patches yet. And I made one tote from a blue quilted pillow sham, and have pink and white striped chambray lining half hand sewn in. I have some little things I want to embellish it with,though. And...I made some more headbands, "after" photos!

So how about some photos of the woods and yard instead??


goat's rue

bluets ...very tiny and beautiful

carolina jessamine ...a weed here, but also people will purchase it for mailboxes and trellises......I don't know why......come dig some up in the woods for free!

spiderwort-these are It's a weed here...

some moss from the shade

moss in the sun...notice the dwarf red azalea coming back from the dead! it was uprooted along with this tree the moss is growing on during Hurricane Katrina

white violets by the river

one of the very few Christmas trees left, my mother planted them 30-40 years ago. This one was uprooted during Hurricane Katrina and has now come back to life. Some one came on our property along the river one December and cut down almost all our Christmas trees maybe 10-15 years ago or so. We get lots of trespassers hunting and also found a couple meth labs. So now it's too dangerous to walk on our own land anymore unless there's a whole group of us....still that may not be safe, either!

a short leaf pine..also rising up from the dead! These are so much prettier to use at Christmas for wreaths and boughs. Sometimes they come back after they've been nice to see so many these few years since the storm....

blackberry runners...we'll soon have cobbler!

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The Japanese Redneck said...

It's sad when you are not safe on your own land.

Luv the shirt!