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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blogs With Cute Ideas

Some older photos of things I made in the past years....

A straw hat birdhouse. I cut a hole in the crown and used a plastic butter tub sewn to the back. They actual used it........

an old mailbox I used as a planter on the front porch..

a bowling ball in the flower bed....

a bright zinnia......

I had the kids make some toad houses out of a few broken clay pots......I never see toads anymore; I think the snakes got them bad. It turned out to be an all you can eat buffet....

Uncle Rudy standing, Daddy on the trike.

My daddy, first day of a new school year.

Daddy in the dark clothes, Uncle Rudy in the light clothes.

Daddy, and I think this one is taken in Texas.
It was common for little boys to wear "dresses" back then up to a certain age.
I thought I'd at least add some photos to my blog today, since I don't have any crafts finished or photographed.
I haven't done a THING......worth mentioning. So I thought I'd share some cute ideas I found in Blogland I've saved for making in the next week.
How about these decorated flops.......I found these cuties! We can do this :D Thank you to Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter. I especially love the lace up ones! Naturally I missed the Old Navy sale on flip flops last weekend..$1 a pair! But there's always the dollar stores, and Twin told me they ran out of pretty colors fast.
And there's another idea using strips of fabric at June Pfaff Daley...even the youngest can make these, after the adult cuts the strips, of course!
I saw some decorated with tiny balloons, but I got this flash of the boys taking off with them and having water balloon fights!
Hobby Lobby has a lot of ideas...I like the pair with the feather boa, and I just happen to have a couple of those in the costume trunk! I'm going to have to look into this Terrifically Tacky Tape. And I like the bridal ones, very cute.
What about the boys? Just how do you let them in on the crafting? Maybe some camouflage fabric wrapped around the strap?

LOL...I just found the funniest blog post when I was searching for how to decorate flops for boys. I'm still laughing! Read it here at The Creative Junkie.....

where was I?? LOL
How about barefoot sandals? These are so cute, just beads and elastic thread. Last week I saw some made with lace appliques, but I can't find it in my bookmarks. Here's some at Instructables...foot thongs! And another at eHow...
*UPDATE* found the link I was looking for here at Lots of cute stuff there; I'm going to see what I have in my notions bags. I'm sure I can find some appliques :D *******

I'll let ya'll know how this turns out.....


misselaineous said...

LOL!!! re: previous post with the cooking spray mixup...been there, done that, but without the explosion! Thought my craft room smelled a bit off the other day, so grabbed the yellow can of Oust, I thought...turns out it was the Pledge duster stuff...good thing I don't have wood floors in there or I'd be slip slidin' away! What is up with all these spray products in yellow cans anyway? Is that the new color for cookin'-cleanin'-bug killin' products?? Happy Sunday *elaine*

Kudzu said...

oh, you should've seen it! it made the kid giggle, but my day just got worse and worse! and yes.......i sure do have a lot of yellow cans, and no one has confessed to the big oopsie yet! it's nice to know these things happen to other people,too :D

The Japanese Redneck said...

I thought that was a dress. Guess I din't know they put them on boys back in the day.