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Friday, May 28, 2010


Michaels hot on stage - Casinos - Bret Michaels played at the Hard Rock in Biloxi last night to a sold out crowd.

well, I did it. I joined Facebook! Find me add me:D

My daughter is pregnant, and we only have one bathroom. My grandson(naturally)needs to go potty right after Mama goes in. I think it may be the sound of the bathroom door shutting that makes him realize he has to go,too. So yesterday, in she goes, and about 42 seconds later I hear my grandson knocking on the door "Mama, are you in there? I have to potty!"....another 13 seconds later he's knocking harder "mmmMMMMoMMMMMmmm, I have to GO!"...she says "wait a second!" then he's banging harder on the door "mmMMOMMmmmm, (he's a smart ass, I don't know where he gets it from; Daddy?maybe??)mmMMMOMMmmmm......whatdaya want me to DO!...go Pee-Oh-Oh-Pee outside and use poison ivy leaves to wipe my butt?? Gahhh"(Gah is that sound of disgust that comes from a snotty kids mouth, you know it, you've had to have heard it once or twice) Okay, I couldn't help it, I laughed out loud, several times, and then for the rest of the night every time I thought of it. Because.......this is the exact thing we've told him before. Don't think that little kids aren't sponges and soak it all up; and then remember it all word for word and will repeat it, out loud, to complete strangers.


I was going to make Grandson#2 a nested egg. Get out the eggs, let him use the star shaped cookie cutter to cut the hole out in a couple slices of bread, heat up my T-Fal egg pan, reach for the butter flavored cooking spray and.........Whooooooooom!!! A citrusy scented mini-explosion full of orange and blue colors....I wasn't hurt, but I was seriously adding to the kids vocabulary; not in a good way. What the hell??? one is confessing...put the lemon furniture polish next to the cooking spray on the pantry shelf, and OF COURSE I'm the one who grabbed it and......well, you know what happened. I didn't want to finish cooking, but Grandson#2 was impressed with Meme's ability to always amuse and delight, plus he was "so starving". I had to really really clean out my pan and finish his nested egg.....and I scorched it. A little. But he ate it with 30 packets of ketchup and was not "so starving" for a couple hours. I threw the can of furniture polish across the room and it lost its little nozzle, and it will probably lie there quiet and still for the next few months.

.....and I forgot the photo that I had to take just so you could take the journey with me. Yeah, yeah, I see the little blue warning...NOW. Don't miss the point,babies,lol! It was in with the GROCERIES!

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The Japanese Redneck said...

OMG, I'm glad you weren't hurt.

Have a facebook account only to keep up the family. Don't use it for anything else.