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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

I'm going to be a Meme/MeMaw/MaMaw/MawMaw/Granny/Nanny for the fourth time. My daughter is just now 6 months along, and only one big scare, so now's the time to start bragging! It's a boy, and his 6 year old brother will be waiting for him and hoping he doesn't arrive on HIS birthday, which is one day before his. So not fair, is it?? lol Grandson #2, my daughter's son, her firstborn, wanted a little sister. Turns out that was only because he thought the new baby would be born one minute and playing with HIS toys the very next. We've assured him that won't happen for at least a COUPLE weeks. So he's okay with it being a brother, but says no matter what, he's not changing any dirty butts or cleaning up after IT. LOLOL
So my grandson is sitting at the dining table playing computer games, with headphones, and my daughter and I are discussing Due Day. No doubt it will be another C-section, but she watches those birthin' baby shows-that's just so WRONG!-and will talk more to her doctor about that. Suddenly my grandson pulls off one of his earphones and asks me "when's my mama gonna poop the baby out?"......LMAO on the outside, inside, sideways...."what you mean, poop the baby out, honey pot?" "like the cow. It pooped a baby out." Now, we live in the country, for sure, but we have no livestock, no pastured animals, just Mamie the dog, and he didn't see the puppies being born, but it is a common sight around here. "who's cow pooped a baby out?" "on the bus" "a cow pooped a baby out on the bus?"..........nothing really surprises me, but still, I had to ask. *sigh* "NOOOOO Meme, I saw the cow poop the baby out when the bus drove by it" ahhh,okay."Well, Mama's not gonna poop out her baby anytime soon" "well, when?" uhh"Mama, come tell your baby-man some stuff"........ she just confused him with C-sections and all that icky stuff. Shoulda just said she's gonna poop it out August 27.

25 Weeks Pregnant
25 Weeks Pregnant
Naturally I think her baby is over twice this size; I'm going for the 13 lb. on the dot bet.


So, I'll probably be looking for useful, practical baby things to make :D She wants to have cloth diapers on hand and I had to look up how to fold How could I forget how to do that? I used to do it half asleep...............

My daughter weighed 10 lbs. when she was born, and BabyDaddy weighed 12 lbs. Wonder how big he's gonna be????


I began this post on the 23rd. How sad when I read the news and saw that Art Linkletter had died. I can remember listening and watching him when i was a little Kudzu. How sad. I think I even have some of his talks with children on records.....two records of Bloopers...from the '60s. LOL.

My daughter is now 27 weeks, doctor appointment tomorrow :D
I wanna tell you a little story about my granddaughter. When she was just little, like 3 or 4 years old, every time her other Grandma would take her to a yard sale or a thrift store she'd want a new doll-baby. She liked the little black doll babies, and had a whole nursery full of them in their highchairs and playpens and cribs and strollers. She even got Santa to bring her little brown and black doll-babyies. Well, one day she was here, and so was my nephew, and she just adores this nephew. And on this day, she's pettin' him on his arm, and then she comes over and asks her Mama "Mama, what color am I?" Mama tells her "uhh?? you're white, baby" "what color is Alex?" Mama says "Umm, well I guess Alex is kinda brown white, I don't know" "Mama...what COLOR am I?" "well, you're white"...and my grandbaby doll just can't get any whiter with her red hair and pale skin,lol, but she asks Mama " long will I stay white?" Mama says " you're gonna be white for always". oh my God. That broke her heart. She CRIED and CRIED.."NOOOOOOOOO.........NOOOOOOOOO...I'm gonna be this color forever??? .....I don't wanna be WHITE!!!!!"... crying real tears for days. LOL, aww, my poor baby girl. She was waiting and waiting for the day her skin would be the color of Alex's! I have these two red headed glow in the dark young'n's of my own, and have two little red headed grandbabies ( so far! I'm wondering if maybe this new one might have a huge head of red Shirley Temple curls-with bows no less!-maybe the doctor is wrong! maybe she can poop out a little girl instead??)

I've been in a B****y @$$ mood all week, so nothing worth blogging about :D I've got bronchitis again, cough cough cough pee pee pee my pants, so, total right to be B****y. Also this stomach virus thing, throwing up and peeing my pants some more :D Go ahead, laugh, it's ok. Not keeping my medications down. I guess I should call the doctor......but one of my inhalers is still at the pharmacy, so technically it' husband's fault.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Honey, I can't laugh. I have the same problem. Even with a bladder suspension.

Other things that cause it - Get bounced around on the horse. Have to run for any reason. Yesterday, Star was froggy - bucked when I was lounging him on a line. Instead of going round and round, he went straight line draggin him with me. Thought he was going to drag me all the way down to the other end. Laughed so hard the britches go wet.

Congrats on the grand baby. Those grands keep you laughing (but, don't laugh so hard you wet your pants!!!!).

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing Kudzu! I have curly red hair. My son had red hair when he was at infant and toddler stage - is now brown. My dil is Chinese - no grandkids yet. But I tell them I want a curly, red-haired Asian when they get around to making one.

Kudzu said...

lol...oh yeah, the animals keep me soggy,too!
thanks, i'm looking forward to that new-baby scent! i know this one is going to be a i'll have 1 granddaughter and 3 grandsons!
lol, around here it's always "you think this one will have red hair?" out of my parents 6 kids...all redheads except Twin and me,she's blonde,i'm born brunette...and we have tons of redheaded relatives..we'd joke if we saw a red head we didnt know, and say, oh well, we're probably related somehow...guess who had the redheaded kiddlings? me! then my son had 2 little redheaded babies..twin marries a mexican and has little brown kiddlings,her oldest daughter is brown, and 3 years ago she has a very very white girl baby, with very very very curly red hair,lolo, and it's now all the way down her back in big ol' sausage curls. i tell my niece when they go out, she looks like the babysitter:D twins blonde brown skinned boy(lol) has a very very white red haired boy..i told my twin that young'n looks like opie cunningham..he has orange red hair that sticks straight out like he's getting shocked! very cute you had to smile. but he's had his hair cut. oh and he married a red haired poor little opiecunningham was going to have red hair no matter what! so, my daughter wanted to have a little red headed baby girl with curly her cousins(and she always tells her-that was supposed to be MY baby girl!) but it's a boy:D

you think it'll be a 13 lb red headed boy? maybe with opie cunningham hair?