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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A TRUE Boyfriend Skirt-Make A Skirt From His Clothes!

This is just the cutest! I haven't seen any done this way before-am I the first? I'll try not to pat myself on the back too much,lol! I had this pair of old guys jeans, (well, I don't know that he was an old guy, but his jeans were) and this men's button down shirt, and an old white t-shirt; all freebies, too. After I got out the good scissors (oh,yes, this project required the GOOD scissors-the ones I won't allow anyone else to touch) I wound up with this adorable True Boyfriend Skirt.

The first thing you wanna do is rummage around for all the ingredients:

#1.your boyfriends/husbands/brothers/cousins/sons old jeans-make sure they don't wear them anymore; you know how they get about their favorite jeans.
#2.a men's button down shirt. short or long sleeved-make sure it fits your hips plus a little extra.
#3.a white t-shirt or wife beater. If it has stains on the front, look on the back. Usually the back doesn't have any stains if you're lucky.
#4.a necktie- and this is optional but it does add a little to the whole "Boyfriend" thing you'll have going on here. And NO, not a clip-on,LOL.
#5.a brooch-get this from your Grandma or Mom because your boyfriend won't have one of these, and if he does, then ???
and of course:

needle and thread, or sewing machine
lots of straight pins

assemble everything, starch your shirt or at least press all the wrinkles out, and cut the legs off your jeans to the length you want. Using pinking shears will make a nice frayed and worn look to the cut off edges.

Cut the sleeves and yoke off, turn inside out and lay flat. Mark a straight edge along the side seams from the shoulder down to the bottom hem. Trim it off and pin the cut edges; set aside for a few minutes.

Fold your white t-shirt or wife beater in half matching side seams, and mark off a trapezoid shape about the same width as the front of your button down men's shirt. It's okay if it's slightly wider than the button down shirt, you can gather it,too. Don't make it too short! This will be the inside front of your skirt, like a petticoat, and will be seen.

Lay the right side of the white t shirt piece on the front of your button down shirt which is still inside out, and pin the edges down, using the same pins you already have there. Also pin the top of the white t shirt to the top edge of the front only of the button down. Sew the side seams, then zig-zag stitch to avoid any unraveling. Then do the same with the top front edge of the shirts.
Now make some basting stitches around the top edge of the shirt and pull the threads to gather. Pin pin pin it to death.....and sew it to the jeans. Slip it right under the raw edge of your jeans, and use your regular stitch length. I like to go over my first stitches with another, just to be on the safe side. Remove your gathering threads and trim, and then zig zag stitch the raw edge of the button down shirt/skirt. Throw it in the dryer to fray the denim.

You might want to take a necktie and make a belt. Put on the skirt and slip the necktie through the belt loops, keeping the wider tip of the tie, and cutting off the excess at the narrow tip. Fold under and sew the cut tie edge. Use Grandma's brooch to pin the necktie together and ta-da it's a belt now!
You look so CUTE!

Go make one!

The other day I showed you a picture of the puppies. My grandson saw it, and he informs me he knows how to tell boy dogs from girl dogs now. I laugh my ass off...on the inside. On the outside I say "oh really, dude? how?" "you just look at them and the boy dogs have".........ahhhh, oh man...."the boy dogs have BIGGER HEADS"....whew...."see? look at Cosmo, he has a HUGE head. And Wanda has a LITTLE head."
And now ya'll know how to tell boy dogs from girl dogs, too!

I got a last minute model this evening after I posted! Here's my niece modeling two of the jeans skirts.....

this is the one made from the vintage floral border dress.

and this is the one I made and posted about today...aren't these sandals perfect for both skirts? Alisia, you look so cute!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Very cute idea. I like that they are both different.

Looks like you got your skirt's taken away from you too!

Funny about how to tell the dogs apart.

Kudzu said...

thanks, and i think i've come up with a few more styles,too :D
lol, nah alisia didn't keep them, she's a pretty good model for my latest stuff; it's mostly her size! she's just 12 years old, but about a ladies size 7 or 9. and my grandson just won't model a dress on for me...weird,huh? LOL

Kymberly said...

Girl--I love your jean skirts! Both are just gorgeous and your model is as cute as she can be!!
Keep posting more good ideas!
Thanks for sharing!
Oh yeah, loved your music! I'm a southern gal too! Love that Loretta!
Have a great day!