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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blueberry Waffles

I forgot I had a waffle maker! And guess what??? It still worked! So I braved the jungle with my daughter and grandson and three dogs and managed to fight the birds for a couple cups of fresh blueberries.

Was it worth it???

You bet! I rummaged around the freezer and found whipped topping and precooked sausage to go with it. My grandson was tickled....we'd never made waffles before, and he ate 2 waffles with "no butter, just Cool Whip and syrup and sausage". In that order. He made a sandwich out of it, lol. Then he came back for "just sausage with Cool Whip", and he folded it up and ate it like that. Kids will eat anything. I expected him to ask for ketchup; guess he forgot about that for the time being.

Here's some wild flowers we saw along the way.

a wild petunia

a wild sweet pea



Kelli said...

Beautiful flowers and I'm jealous about your blueberries! I want to plant some around my house! Glad you didn't run into any snakes :)

~Kelli @ Smidgens

Kudzu said...

thanks Kelli! i'm gonna try to pick some more blueberries sometime today :D wish me luck!

The Japanese Redneck said...

I want a new waffle maker. Mine is kinda rough looking.

They waffles look good. The birds are fighting in the bushes over our blueberries.