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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pretty-ing Up My Old Flops

Here's an idea for summer sandals just to make yours different from the girl next door. All you'll need is some fabric torn or cut into strips about 4" long, or a bit longer if you prefer.

The white pair is made from 2 colors of bandanas, which are $1 for the package at Dollar Tree. I added some strips of white lace curtains at the toe and sewed on a few clear beads.

The black ones are made from an old black t-shirt cut into strips and stretched and tied on, then a brass button is sewn at the toe of each. So don't look at my ugly feet :D

Try out this idea, it's great for a kids craft project,too! You can find flip flops anywhere for $1 these days :D

As usual, the puppies helped me out, they LOVE flops....very tasty, good for teething. Luckily I saved these in time! Just a flesh wound...and hopefully not too noticeable!

Go make some!


The Japanese Redneck said...

What a very cute idea Kudzu. The black pair is my favorite!

You are the best at rehabbing old items that I've ever seen. Great ideas and luv what you do!

Kudzu said...

thanks! i'm glad you like them :D the black ones are so soft, since they're made from t-shirt strips...cherry/kudzu