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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Decorate Your Flip Flops With Shoelaces

aren't these cute? I worked out how to make these, so my granddaughter can make some for herself. The inspiration came from Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter here...(thanks Margot!)

Go to the Dollar Tree and get

flip flops
shoe laces

That's a total of $2. Then you'll need

a hole punch
a marker

you might be able to tell how I marked them. In this photo it shows it laced up in the opposite direction from what I wound up check it out! I used my cheap desk accessory hole punch, which was tougher than I thought to use. I wound up punching through the top side, then punching through the back side. I considered using my drill because now my wrists are sore. :D

I used some bright pony beads and threaded the shoelaces through it. That's it :D Wrap them around the back of the ankle then to the front and tie in a bow. So adorable :D I used 40" laces, but today I found some cute ones at another dollar store on clearance, and they were 45". The longer you get, the higher you can lace them up.

My grandSON is being used as a model here. But only for a second. He acted like I'd wrapped his leg in acid or something and it was burning it's way through his flesh. ...."he don't play right".. my granddaughter is going to love them.

I had planned on using fun foam flowers on the top for decoration, because I knew I already had some. In fact, I have this huge bag of all colors of fun foam. Of course, I couldn't find it today when I needed it. You might want to try that, though!
The shoelaces will stay tied longer than a ribbon would but you might be able to use it instead.


I walked out to check on the blueberries. My daughter and grandson took off ahead of me, and she said she'd yell out at me if there were any ripe ones yet. I'm hobbling along and get only about 5' away from the back deck when something caught my eye. Something that reminded me of a snake. I froze and kept looking to be sure. And of course it was a snake. It's ALWAYS a snake. A huge, black snake that was looking at me while I was looking at him. He sort of folded himself up and took off in the other direction about 100 miles an hour. I CUSSED..but I don't think anyone knew what I was saying except for the "snake" part, because my daughter asks me "where??" I told her "right where you and Aiden were just standing a few minutes ago!". I'm still standing in the same spot I froze in, watching to be sure it was gone for sure. Sometimes they come back. And I'm adding it to the list of places I've ever seen a snake before--long list--when I hear "what was it? you saw a snake?"...Hoss was on the front porch the whole time. I said yeah, like 3 minutes ago"...the dogs had already come over, checked it out, and left. I'm pretty sure Hoss heard me "snakesnakeSNAKEit'saeffenSNAKE"...everybody up and down the river had to have heard that...ah well. Usually when I go out in the woods, I carry a shovel. A shovel has a nice long handle and you can chop the snake up in a million pieces without your arm or hand being too close to it....but I didn't have one this time; all I had was a bowl and a camera..and I didn't take advantage of this photo opportunity! I left my weapon behind. My own fault. I did manage to go ahead on out to the orchard and take pics of the blueberries. By that time the puppies had taken off to the river ( and came back with lots of ticks). There were ripe huckleberries but no ripe blueberries. I think maybe 3 or 4 more days and I'll make some muffins and cobbler and pancakes.......and I'll take my shovel next time.

I leave these for the birds. I'm not going over this anymore just to get to a few berries!

Have fun,


Kelli said...

Ah, the adventures in Kudzu-land! Nice to know your family is just as 'helpful' as mine when I scream!

~Kelli @ Smidgens

AngelMc said...

What is it with all the snakes in MS this year?
I keep hearing how it is bad. We now live on a lake, and David and I are in constant worry about the gkids and puppygirls. I believe if I walked up on one like you did, I could levitate.

Beth said...

The flip flops are really cute! What a great idea. I love the lace up action.

The Japanese Redneck said...

No shovel for me girl. Shotgun is my snake weapon of choice!

Although I do keep several hoes near places, so I can move the good ones out of the way. Silly things get in my dog pens and the beagles go wild.

Our blueberries are loaded too. The flip flops are cute, but I absolutely can't stand anything between my toes.

Margot Potter said...

Love the flip flops! I'll add you to next week's link round up!